How to market your business is always a common concern, especially for first time business owners.
So, if you are presently facing this dilemma, know that you are not alone.
It is very understandable for anyone to be clueless about what to say in his marketing efforts.
Tyson Zahner one of our Top Affiliate’s took to stage on one of the Daily Dose of Awesome calls for Elite Marketing Pro. Below is a summary of what he talked about. You can also listen to call below.
We all run out of ideas and that is why seeking the help of seasoned business owners is a very smart decision.
In this post, we will be sharing with you how you can market your business – what to talk about and how to effectively do it.

The 2 I’s of Content Ideas

How many of you are struggling with content? I suppose everyone reading this is battling with a lack of ideas. Now, the real secrets to having a bottomless pit of content are (1) immersion and (2) interaction.
The reason why you are lost for words to use in your marketing is simply because you may not know your market well enough.
You may not understand their struggles, pains, goals, frustrations, desires and other concerns.
Come to think of it, if you know all these about your market, you will have unlimited topics to talk about with them.
So, first things first, identify your market.
By knowing who your business is catering to, it will be easier for you to get to know them better.

How to Immerse Yourself in Your Market

You can have as much objections as you can, but to be able to run your business successfully, you have to exert the extra effort to immerse yourself in your market.
There are many ways to do it, one of which is to read every single day.
You can read a chapter of a book, a blog, or anything that your market is interested in.
Now, when you do this, you don’t have to copy what you read word-for-word and post it as your content.
You can share what you’re reading by saying something like “Hey guys, I am currently reading this book by author X and I think it will help you in…”
By acknowledging the author of the content you are reading, you are like showing your market that you invest in your knowledge, skills, and education, which will make you even more credible.
It will add to your authority. This will even spark interaction from your market, many of whom may have read the same book or may be interested in reading it too.

The S3 Strategy for Creating Content (aka L-D-T) 

Let us talk about the 3 strategies that will help you build your business effectively by always having content for your marketing efforts.
By applying these strategies correctly, you can have your first lead and so on. Now Tyson breaks this down as a Study, share and suggest. But you may be familiar with this concept as Learn – Do – Teach.
So here’s how Tyson breaks it down on the call above.



Studying books, blogs, magazines and other reading materials that can help your market, just like what I have mentioned earlier, is essential for coming up with your own content.
The Internet makes it quick for anyone to find something worthwhile reading; something valuable for you and your market.
Make sure you pick up or note parts that will captivate the interest of your market.


 The next strategy is to share what you have learned.
Choose specific parts of what you’ve read for sharing on social media or blog posting and credit the source.
Remember to also emphasize how that material can help solve their specific problems.


This last strategy is important because it serves as your call-to-action.
Think of a creative way to drive your market to act without sounding too “salesy” or too pushy.
When you are able to make them realize how your content can help them, it will be easier for them to act according to your suggestions aka your call-to-action.
Basically suggesting is simply like me telling you about the Elite Marketing Pro community and how we have amazing trainers like Tyson on Daily calls like the Daily Dose of Awesome.

Tap Your Creativity

 This where you actually start “interacting” with your following or audience.
Sometimes we don’t know how to talk about a specific topic differently. Because let’s face it sometimes in your business everyone is talking about the same thing.
And trust me I understand that you don’t want your market to get bored with your content and it’s a good thing that you want to work on it.
Now, the secret to talking about the same thing from a different angle or perspective is for you to tap your creativity.
Perhaps you are out watching a movie with your kid, let’s say Kung Fu Panda, you can start thinking of a way to use the characters in the movie to tell a story that your market can relate to. (that’s exactly what Tyson did)

Take Note of Every Idea That Pops Up

Another tip to successfully come up with content (even a 2-years’ worth of content) is to take note of each idea that pops up no matter the time of the day.
You know, we do a lot of things every day and more often than not, we tend to forget these little ideas.
Now, to save your ideas for later use, it pays to write it down if you keep a journal handy or to type it in your phone’s notepad or wherever you can quickly access it when needed.
This way, you can get reminded of this great idea and the words will flow naturally for your content.
You will be surprised at the compelling story you will be able to develop.

So It’s Time You Start Developing Your Own Content

You may not be comfortable (right now) developing your own content, but this will make people want to buy from you over your competitors.
Besides, when you start applying all these tips, hopefully, you will be able to see ideas around you and come up with beautifully crafted content. (YOUR LIFE is content)
You just have to begin to take action and believe that you are capable of immersing yourself in your market and interacting with them.
Once somebody starts to comment on your content, the interaction will happen naturally and you can develop new content ideas.

Let me know what you thought of this post by leaving a comment below. Did it serve you in your business today?
I’m Hilary De Freitas
The Marketing Mom

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