Wake up Call: Invest in Yourself!


Courtesy sparkboutik.com
Courtesy sparkboutik.com

I went to college.
Didn’t we all.
Some spent close to $100,000+ .
Example …. Me: If you’re sitting on two Master’s degree and a Undergrad, you’ve probably spent that much.
I didn’t have any guarantee that I’d be making $100,000 per year.
I didn’t have any guarantee that I’d get a job!!!
All I knew was that this was the “path” to take in life.
School, job but no one told me about the debt …..
So I decided to do something about it.
I’m sure you’ve already made that decision.
You’re at a point now where you’re tired of searching youtube for free training videos, you’re tired of searching the web looking for blogs on “how to do…”
And you’re just looking for a one-stop shop that will give you all the training you need and the ability to make money.
But you’re saying to yourself you’re not willing to put out anymore money in your life right now.
Then my friend you better stay in your job and quit this whole sherade of wanting to be an entrepreneur. You obviously don’t have what it takes.
If you got mad by that statement that a good sign, it means you still have some sort of desire in you to change your current situation.
So here’s what you need to do.
Think of your college education as SUNK COST.
If you don’t know what that means go and find your Accounting 101 text book. If you don’t still have it borrow someone’s or go look it up on google.
That expense is SUNK! You’re not going to get it back anyway!
So forget about it.
Your life starts now!
It starts with what you’re going to do from here on out.
If you’re willing to invest in yourself then you’re on the right track.
The next step is to actually do it.
You’re probably saying to yourself but I don’t have the money.
I didn’t have the money either, but you know what? I didn’t want to have to say that ONE MORE TIME.
So I took the money that I didn’t have a purchased the training and mentorship that I needed to get the money!
Yes I took money that I didn’t have. I told myself that if I work at this and really invest the money, time and effort I will get results.
It’s not an easy road.
It is not the place for the faint hearted. TRUST ME.
But you’re not alone.
Many of us travel this road and all we want to do is help.
That’s what I love about what I do. I get help from others who are two steps ahead of me and I get to help those that are two steps behind me.
If you are ready you only need to do three things

  1. Watch this video

  2. Then Purchase Elite Marketing Pro VIP

  3. Wait for an email/call from me.

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