Tips for Mothers : The 30 Min Slot Machine

For mothers Building an online business with so many other responsibilities means that you have to focus.
Every time I sit down to work I sit down with two things.
For business you need just one.
The stop watch
Every smart phone today has one.
So find yours and learn how to use it.
If you don’t have a smart phone then you may have a kitchen timer.
I’ve seen many moms who are in business use this niffy tool not only for the kitchen! (hint hint)
You 30 minute slot machine is actually YOU.
Set that clock for 30 minutes and just go.
When I say go.
I mean run like you’re running a 100 meter dash!
Get to blogging, get to writing, get to shooting video.
Because when that 30 minutes is up it’s up!
I like to look at this way.
You see I used to be a track athlete so I’m very accustom to being under pressure.
In sports your only competition is yourself really!
People who won’t in Track and Field always liked to talk to me about “my competition”
I’d listen to them with one ear open and the other ear closed.
Because when I get out on that track the only person I’m trying to beat is my best self!
And when you start that clock the only person you’re trying to beat is YOU.
Like I said in the video – it is because of my habit of setting the timer did I finally realize it was taking me an hour to write a blog post.
I knew with the little time I had,
I will have to work at cutting that down.
Now if I never measured that work with a stop watch;
I would probably be going along thinking I’m working very hard and getting stuff done!
Well yes I’d be getting stuff done but at what cost?
Time is the one resource we don’t have enough of, and it’s the one resource if we learn how to manage can multiply!(figuratively speaking of course)
So watch this short video.
Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Will this help you manage your business?!?!?

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