Time Wasters of your Business:  Omitting the Call to Action

Courtesy sparkboutik.com
Courtesy sparkboutik.com

I had a friend who was a Marine and he hated taking instructions. I couldn’t understand how you could be a Marine for 8 years and not like taking instructions.
He said it was because he had a problem being ordered around. So naturally my question was then why did you join the Marines? His answer – “Because they inspired me to do something!”
Well heck! I thought that was the same as taking instructions.
I don’t like arguing with people so I didn’t point out the obvious to him.
Or maybe I should have.
You see what may seem obvious to you isn’t going to be obvious to other people.
And my friend proved that although people don’t think they like to be ordered around, the fact of the matter is they do.
We all want people to tell us what to do.
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They are all “instructions”, but people generally don’t like being pushed around, but they will follow instructions.
And it is truly amazing how interesting the human being is.
Here’s my friend who didn’t like being “ordered around”, or so he said. But the reality is the orders made him want to do something.
So do you or do you not like it? I think he did.
In your marketing efforts you want to do the same.
You must tell people what to do.
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I mean it’s a no-brainer really.
If you’re in the business of marketing, be it network marketing, online or offline marketing, YOU MUST TELL PEOPLE what to do.
You waste time, money and effort if you don’t.
I didn’t know about this whole “call to action” thing when I first started. I had written nearly 30 pieces of content before I realized that I had no real Call to Action.
I was totally amazed at my incompetence! But that was fixed in a heartbeat!
So don’t waste your time putting out any content: ads, videos, blog posts, emails without giving your audience a call to action. Read about the other Time Wasters of your Business by grabbing your copy of What’s Working Now. 
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