Time Wasters of your Business: Helping Others

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Hilary are you crazy!”
Helping others is wasting time in my business.WWN-52-cover-rendered-250x250
In this month’s What’s Working Now publication one of my favorite writers who laid out what he calls the 7 Invisible Time Vampires, those things that suck the life out of your business.
As I was reading this article I realized that yes that’s true, these things do waste a lot of time that I can be putting to better use.
Now before you go postal on me for telling you to stop helping others you need to get this whole thing in context. Y
our objective right now is to do what? I
’m hoping you answered grow your business.
Now for most if not ALL of you, what do you do from 8 am to 5pm?
I’m sure you answered working, at a job, behind a computer…….
We all have jobs trying to work this business part-time.
That’s my point.
When you get home, what do you have to do?
Prepare dinner, watch over kids doing homework, eat dinner with the family, wash up dishes, prepare lunches for the next day, put the baby and kids to sleep…… T
he list goes on and on and on right?
So when do you have time to work on your business? I
’m guessing you answered 2am!
No you don’t you’re sleeping at that time because you have to be up and out the door by 6:30am to beat the morning traffic!
So my question to you again is…..
When do you have time to work on your business?
It’s probably a  sliver of time between 10pm and midnight if you’re lucky.
Why do you want to WASTE that precious time doing anything that isn’t going to get your business up and off the ground and start bringing in leads, sales, etc.
So if you haven’t noticed we’re talking this week about what will WASTE your time in your business.
Helping people is a big one.
And like you when I read it I thought, but this is what I’ve been told to do.
Well yes you help people, but you help people in a smart way.
For example, you recruit a new member into your MLM team. What do you do? Do you drive over there and sit down with her and go through her starter kit with her and explain everything….
OR do you provide her with a link to a video you created that you give to ALL your new recruits!
You’re still helping her but guess what that ONE video that maybe took 2 hours to make and edit etc will help 50 people or even more!!!!
Get my drift.
It’s not that you don’t want to help people, but if you do limit that time.
Tell them you only have 30 mins. If they’re on your team create a Google Hangouts night where you all come together on that night and ask all the questions you need.
Tell them that night is the time you can get 2 hours with you.
If you’re helping other marketers after you’ve given them a free 15 or 30 mins tell them your fee.
My time is worth X so if you want one-on-one time it will cost you this.
Remember people don’t really value free.
If you always help people FREELY they will always come running to you with every little question.
If they know they have to pay for that they will use that time wisely.
So I hope that helped out today in trying to plan out your time in your business this week.
Look out tomorrow for the next tip on how not to waste time.
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