Do you have a toddler?
If you don’t then you’re luck!
Here’s the reality of being a mother and owning a business.
You really don’t get to choose when you get to work!
My daughter is old and independent enough for us to send her off to “school” and camp and all these fun things.
Obviously camp is a day camp so she comes home everyday, but the reality is once she’s home WORK STOPS.
Now this isn’t such a bad thing.
Here are some revelations that I’ve come to understand in my time being a stay-at-home mom, business owner. Some of these revelations are not only good for you in your business journey as a mom but also your child’s development.
So let’s dig in.

1. You learn to prioritize

When I first came home to start working on my business I wasted about two weeks and didn’t even know it.
While I was at work I used to be able to write two blog posts over lunch,
schedule social media posts whenever I took a break
and even sneaked in a webinar or two depending on how the day was going.
When I came home I barely had “time” to write One blog post.
Well you see when you think you have time that’s when you have none.
So I decided to act as if I only HAD two hours a day to get my work done.
Instantly I was forced to choose the most important tasks that needed to get done that day.
Now at that time it used to take me about 30 minutes to write and publish a 500 word blog post.
It would take me about 30 minutes to find interesting things to share on social media; quotes, articles etc. then another 15 – 20 minutes scheduling all of that on ALL my social media networks. (I used Hootsuite by the way)
So if you’ve done the math I had 40 minutes remaining for one other task!
Here’s where it got tricky!
We’re in business right?
So you have to do something that’s going to bring in business right?
What I found is that I would waste that 40 minutes cleaning my desk, checking email and all that jazz.
I wouldn’t get on the phone, or reach out to a lead or anything like that.
After realizing how much time I wasting I started to develop a “Time-Table” of sorts.
Now it wasn’t one of those time tables where the time is fixed when I do something, but what was fixed were the actions I needed to take each and everyday.
Now those actions are completed effortlessly.
So when you have limited time you learn to prioritize.

2. Accept the Time You have

Whether you’re a mom of six, two or one, you know that your time isn’t really yours.
One of the hardest things I had to deal with was resisting trying to do work when my daughter came home.
I just thought, “If I could just get this last blog post out!”
But then she’ll come following me and asking questions and chatting and wanting to play.
This got me frustrated because I couldn’t get my work done.
It got her upset because mommy wasn’t playing with me.
And in a nut shell neither of us were happy.
When I accepted that when she’s home I MUST spend that time with her – interestingly enough – I added more hours to my day.
I’m sure you’re dying to know how!
So your toddler goes to play school.
What do they do there? They play!
Most times when they come home they are tired…. but they’re also very excited to see you!
So spend that time with them.
They will love you for it years to come.
I play with my daughter every afternoon.
If the weather is fine we go for a little walk in the neighborhood.
Honestly the walk is never very long because she’s afraid of dogs and here in Trinidad dogs are kept in the yard.
Yes there are gates and everything but they still bark and she gets afraid.
So our walks are usually curtailed if the dogs are awake.
But all that activity with her gets her very tired.
If she didn’t have a nap in school she’s usually in bed by 7 pm!
So by me accepting that I can’t work when she comes home and just spend that time with her … turned into  three extra hours on the back end for me 🙂
Now that works with one child….
As I add more children I’ll let you know how that experiment works. (and yes my plan is to have at least 4 more 🙂 )
Here’s one last thing I’ve realized about being a mom and home business owner.

3. You Will Have to Make the Tough Choices

God must have a good sense of humor.
I always wonder why women are the ones “saddled” with tough decisions.
We’re always the ones who have to make the decisions like , “Do I go to this event or not?”
“Do we get ice-cream this week or not?”
“Can we afford a night out this week or not?”
Here’s the reality – when you start your business, you’re just starting.
And every business owner has tough decisions to make especially when it comes to the finances of the business.
But as MOTHERS our primary BUSINESS is our FAMILY!!!!
So when we start a business we’re basically juggling two businesses and they absolutely MUST work together.
You can’t say – “I’m not buying pampers today because my business cards need to be purchased!”
It’s a matter of not choosing one over the other – because then you’d be in the same place as you were in your job –
It’s really a matter of trying to figure out how to do BOTH and not disrupt the world at home.
When you have to leave your children to go to a business function – you go because you know you have to.
But you’re crying all the way there.
When you’re there you’re totally focused, but in the back of your mind you’re dying to find a computer with Skype to call home and see the miserable rug rats you left for three days :).
Some how these things don’t phase men as much as they do women.
Regardless the tough decision comes down to you being CEO of your business and CFO of your home.
Do you know anyone who’s able to hold both those portfolios in a company?
Well I’m here to tell you that we women were MADE for that.
We can do it because there’s something innate in women that says we can conquer all!
I’m a first time mother and jumped in this business two feet first.
And I believe it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

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The Marketing Mom
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Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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