The Facebook Like Campaign

If you’re using Facebook as a means of reaching a larger audience for your business, organization, or otherwise,
then you need to remember that one of the fastest ways to reach your audience is by creating a Fan Page Like Campaign.
The proper terminology is Promoting a Page.
Because pages don’t have to be only about business.
So let’s go!
We’ve already covered  how to build your audience.
And the video in that blog was pretty detailed as to how you should be going about creating a target audience.
So now we are taking that audience that we created in a previous session and we’re going to build a Promote Page Campaign.
Now we’re going to be covering this in another blog post but for now I want you to study this chart.
You will need to keep this structure in the back of your mind for future campaigns.
For now however we’re going to be using the Promote Page Campaign and we will be creating one Ad Set and 5 Ads.
Watch the training video to see more on how to create your Promotion Campaign.
[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_hide_controls=”Y” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cDovL3lvdXR1LmJlL0ZqOGFLVE5TbTdR[/video_player]
Because we created our target audience already the Ad Set will be already built.
So the main areas that you want to focus on in creating this Facebook Fan Page promotion are
1. Knowing your Ad Objective
2. Knowing your Budget
3. Knowing which images you will use
4. Knowing your Ad placement
5. Knowing what copy you’re going to use.

Your Facebook Ad Objective

This is the easy part if you’re just building a Fan Base.
Obviously you want to choose the “Promote a Page” Objective.
You will realize that depending on which objective you choose you will create multiple campaigns.

Your Ad Budget

Once you’ve setup your objective (again because we have built this ad after creating our audience) we are mostly concerned now about the money.
How much do you want to spend.
Facebook allows you to spend as little as $1 a day to up to > $10,000 a day.
But no one is spending that kind of money to get likes (unless they have stocks in Facebook)!
So the standard is either $2 – $5 a day for independent entrepreneurs.
Now this really depends on your budget.
If you have the funds to spend $300 in ads for a month, then do that.
If not then keep your budget low.
But keep in mind the more you spend the more people you will reach in your selected audience.

Facebook Images

Images in your Ad are very important, which is why you should take great care in which images you select.
As you would have seen in the video Facebook does allow you to choose from stock images.
Now you still need to be careful with stock images because if that image has been flagged on the web as a spam image it will get disapproved.
The best thing is to have your own images and upload them. We’ll discuss images in more detailed at a later date.

Facebook Ad Placement

You Ad placement depends on two things, which is why I start with creating my audience first.
It is during this process that I’m able to see (from Facebook’s data) what devices this particular audience is on more often.
This should guide whether you place the Ad on Mobile or Desktop.
I almost never place Ads  in the Right column unless it’s for my re-targetted audience (more on that).
You also need to keep in mind your campaign objective. If all you’re looking for is likes then mobile is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to build.
Keep in mind if you’re using any other objective think about what the person seeing the Ad will have to do. That should guide where that Ad is placed.

Ad Copy

To be quite honest – I’m a horrible copywriter. I can’t even say I’m a copywriter because I just don’t it well.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t have tools to help my create eye grabbing headlines.
Whenever I get stuck I just pull out my 5 Winning Headlines Formula and get working.
Sometimes you can pull the headline straight from your page, but that is most times ineffective.
Once you have all these steps completed your Facebook Ad is ready for approval.
I put together all this information in what is a call the Facebook Cheat Sheets. 
Print them out and you’ll never need to visit this page again!
If you think it will be helpful to others then share.
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Also if you’re ready to start learning how to really launch your Facebook Marketing then follow this link.

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