Target your network marketing prospects

This may interest you if you’re a network marketer.
I went for an interview a few years ago and I couldn’t help but notice the other people waiting in the waiting room to go in to be interviewed.
I examined each one of them and sized myself up. Am I better than this person, is this person better than me.
And I was doing this without even speaking to them.
I realized that the guy who showed with slippers was probably not going to get the job because in my mind he didn’t take the time to dress properly for an interview.
Most companies would say he’s off their list before they even take a look at his resume.
So when you’re recruiting for your business you need to have a similar criteria.
I’m not saying don’t accept anyone on your team who shows up in jeans and slippers.
What I’m saying is – you know exactly who you want on your team.
It’s not the person who is going to complain about not having any time…..
It’s NOT the person who is going to wait for you to tell them what next to do with every step of their business…..
It’s NOT the person who is going never going to do a thing and then say the business is stupid and a waste of time.
You want people on your team who are just like you…… or maybe ever BETTER than you!
Why!??? Because you want successful people.
You may think that the person pulling two jobs to make ends meet needs your business.
Well I’m here to tell you that the person you WANT on your team is not the Desperate or the needy.
You actually want people who have resources, who are “successful” in their own right at whatever they’re doing right now.
You want someone who has ONE job, but who wants NO JOB but still wants earning capacity.
I’ve found that JOB oriented people are the WORSE people to invite to join your team.
You want people who want this business more than the air they breathe!
People who dream of success and then will go out there and do something about it.
When I heard this on the Black Belt Recruiting training, it took a really long time for me to swallow that concept.
I was like most people out there trying to recruit every body.
I never realized that there were actually right and wrong people to recruit.
But companies do it all the time – they hire for the RIGHT PERSON for the JOB.
Your business is not different to a Fortune 500 Company.
Treat your business better than a FORTUNE 500 Company and you’ll start to see the results.
See you later.
Have a good one.
Hope this gave you new things to think about in your business.
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