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43117_015_MiracleSet_Group_US_H_LI couldn’t resist sharing this story with you because it’s true.
I’m 34 year old.
I have a 18 month daughter (at first writing of this post)
And I’ve been married for 3 years.
I used to be a track and field athlete
WHO NEVER took care of her skin,
Until I met a Mary Kay beauty consultant who set me straight.
I was 19 at the time.
She talked and talked alot about aging and how important it is to take care of your skin.
Now it’s really hard to talk to a 19 year old about aging.
But she was very good.
I was convinced that one day I will have wrinkles and I needed to start slowing down those effects from early.
I never wore make either, just didn’t have the time.
So I was introduced in one shot to skin care and make up.
For my 21st Birthday my girls decided to take me out.
I knew we’d be carded because we’re in college and we just turned 21!
Big deal right.
But the bouncer looked at me and asked for a second form of ID.
I thought – Could he be serious? Dude I’m 21 get a grip!
So I showed him the second form of ID.
He allowed me to go into the club.
Fast forward 10 years.
This time we’re carded as usual at the door.
But the kicker was when I got to the bar, the bartender looks at me a 31 year old woman and asks for me ID
I was so embarrassed!
When he take it and reads it he’s SHOCKED out of his pants.
He says,
“There’s NO WAY You’re 31!” HilaryDeFreitasProfileImageemp
I think there was a time when I loved looking THAT YOUNG
But clearly using the TimeWise® Mircale Set® has created a revolution!
Young people look younger and old people look younger as well.
When you’re 30 you want to look like 30 right?
When you’re 50 you still want to look like 30.
From my own personal experience using this product really makes you look younger, but don’t take my word for it.


The Results speak for them self

As seen by a dermatologist on panelists in a 12-week clinical study:

83% had a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Up to 25% improvement in skin resilience.
100% had softer, more supple skin.
46% visible improvement in more even skin tone.


Rosacea Benefits*

As seen in a two-week study on individuals with rosacea:

100% showed improvement in skin texture.
92% showed visible improvement in even skin tone.
77% showed visible improvement in skin redness.


Why do I need a skin care regimen?

I asked myself the same question when I was first introduced to Mary Kay.
I would wash my face with soap and water and call that George!
But I’m glad I listened to that Mary Kay Beauty Consultant – even if I didn’t maintain a business status at the time.
I kept with my skin care regimen.
Here’s why –

I was told that there are five essential steps for good skin care:

  1. cleanse

  2. exfoliate

  3. freshen

  4. moisturize and

  5. protect.

The TimeWise® Miracle Set®, is a complete daily age-fighting skin care system that can be customized for your skin type. 

The TimeWise® Miracle Set® products are designed to work together to help maximize the age-fighting benefits.

And continued use provides the best results for your skin.

Here’s how:

  • Gentle cleansing beads in TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser cleanse, exfoliate and refresh, revealing younger-looking skin.

  • A patented complex in TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser and TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by accelerating the skin’s natural renewal process.

  • A moisture-binding blend of ingredients in TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer keeps the skin moist.

  • Nourishing botanicals in TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35* help energize skin, while UVA and UVB sunscreens help protect the skin from sun damage.

  • TimeWise® Night Solution contains vitamin-rich Nutribeads® microcapsules that deliver antioxidants essential for skin renewal. Also contains age-fighting peptides to help reduce the appearance of expression lines and visibly firm and smooth skin.

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