Sleep is Very Important

I always thought there was something wrong with me.
Because I loved to sleep, 7, 8 even 9 hours a night.

I used to be told when I was younger –
“You will sleep when you’re dead”
“Sleep takes time away from your work!”
“Sleeping is for lazy people”
I think that was the one that got me thinking that maybe I should sleep less.
I did not want to be lazy!
But the funny thing is I just couldn’t get myself to sleep less hours.
No matter how hard I tried.
I was trying to re-program my body to tell it
“Sleep Less”

Falling Asleep at Work

“Sleep is bad for you”
And I was only doing this because I didn’t want to be criticized for “sleeping” too much.
Well it was probably a good thing I never got used to the LIE that sleep is bad for you.
It’s probably a good thing I cherish my eight hours sleep.
Even with a new born baby I was demanding my eight hours of sleep.
Mind you it was difficult to get eight straight hours, but I really could not function without my eight hours of sleep.
Then I read the book Essentialism!
It was full of examples how important Sleep is.
How the most successful men in the world get eight to nine hours of sleep a night!
Sleep was just as important to them as balancing the check book.
Sleep was just as important as closing  a deal.
When my daughter was born – I thought that was the end of my sleep days.
After reading Essentialism my sleep days are going to continue for years to come.
I always knew there was wisdom in my madness.
I was one of those people who would sleep for eight hours
and then take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.
Yes you could call my a sleep-o-holic
if there is such a word.
But clearly without my even realizing it, sleep was one of the most important things for my body and for my business.
I only realized how important it was when I tried for two months to go on six hours of sleep.
Olivia Sleeping

I was still at my job, baby was probably not a year as yet and I was building my online business.
Everyday I woke up at 4:30 am to plan the online day, write emails, write blog posts, schedule social media
Then it was time to get ready for work.
I will go to work for 8 hours (sometimes I’d have to sneak a 30 min nap in the bathroom)
then it was home to take care of baby.
Once the baby was asleep
I would begin my night routine,
Which usually ended about 11pm.
Then it started all over again.
By the end of the first month I was like a zombie
But I still pressed on.
I recalled my days as an athlete where we were always told
“Mind Over Matter”
It was a saying we used to push our bodies to the limits when we just felt like giving up and the finish line was just a mere 2 meters away.
Well I didn’t put two and two together.
I hadn’t set a finish line for this stupid routine that I had just started.
I thought to myself, that this “Lack of Sleep” routine could work for the rest of my life!
Let’s just say that by the end of the second month – I completely broke down
I had to take a week off work because I had gotten so sick.
I really didn’t know what I was sick with.
I couldn’t do anything with my business because I was too tired
and I wasn’t even able to help my husband with our daughter because I was so weak!
You see ……
Any doctor, business professional or even Google Inc themself will tell you!
That if you don’t sleep you’re pretty much like a drunken sailor!
You’re of no use to yourself or anyone else.
My body knew this from a very early age
But my adult self thought that maybe I can get away with it.
Well you can’t.
If you’re working your business part-time
and you’re trying to burn the candle on both ends
I’m here to tell you from personal experience —- Don’t do it!
You will burn out
have to start all over again!
Trust me
Take the few minutes you have each day and maximize that time like I talked about in this blog
Don’t try to be a hero and fit in two sets of 8 hour work days into a 24 hour day.
Be realistic with yourself
and Be realistic with your TIME
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Have a wonderful day
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