How Are Your Resolutions Going?

I always like to get an idea of how people’s New Year’s Resolutions are going a few days after the New Year.
You’re probably wondering if I’m a mean person.
Well if you can’t stick to a resolution for 5 to 7 days how are you going to stick to it for the rest of the year?
Really now?
I read a post recently about someone who doesn’t set resolutions.
She sets goals.
And it brought to mind when I did just that.
I remember back in 2010 I did the same thing. I set goals.
The interesting thing about that year is that everything on that goal list was accomplished by December 31st 2010.
But I first had to do a few things.
Well I did a few things.
First I set 10 goals.
Then I went through my SMART process
That year I achieved 8 out of the 10 goals.
So maybe I had too many things going on.

But what was the secret to my success that year.

Well first thing I wrote them down. 
And here’s a secret that I didn’t know was a secret back then.
I shared it with three of my friends and my husband (then boyfriend). 
Back then I didn’t know what I was doing with these goals.
But I realized that if I shared them with someone then I’d have to give them an update.
So that’s exactly what I did.
I shared and provided an update to them.
I set time frames for each goal. 
Most people on think that this is obvious.
I have worked with many people who think that putting a date on something is stupid, or a waste of time, or not necessary.
Well to me — if putting a date on a goal is not necessary then the goal might as well not be necessary either.
I reviewed my goals almost everyday. 
That’s something I only realized in 2014 was actually very important.
It helps with visualizing yourself in your new state!
Now in my world of engineering we call this process improvement.
And if you think hard about you can apply this to your New Year’s Resolutions; a problem or a business.
First Define it
Then Measure it (what’s the current state, what’s the desired future state)
Analyze what need to be done to get to the future state.
Improve – this is  your implementation
then Control – check in once in while to see how the goal is going, and make adjustments to ensure you’re maintaining the future state
See How easy that was.
For those engineers in the audience you will notice our favorite Six Sigma Acronym DMAIC. Yes I’m also a Six Sigma Professional!
So I apply these type of principles to everything!
And guess what?
It works.
So go out there and set some goals!
Throw out those stupid resolutions you made a few days ago.
It’s ok to start over.
As long as you’re alive you have a chance to start over!
So go and set some GOALS.
Make the SMART and have a plan to ensure they will be completed.
Have a great day!
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Hilary De Freitas
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    • Ruthanne

      With having a background in organic chemistry, I enjoyed the DMAIC and will implement that. Thanks!

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