In the video below, I have identified the #1 thing that Network Marketing companies you represent do not want you to do and that is CREATING YOUR OWN BRAND. What they want you to do is to focus on promoting their brands without putting value on yourself.
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Why is it important to think of yourself as your own brand?

It is important to think of yourself as your own brand because personal branding provides for continuing personal development and allows you to carve your niche in the industry.
Networking companies come and go but if you are able to brand yourself successfully, people will think of you as a successful, dynamic thought leader, launching your career to greater heights with each additional corporate brand you market and represent.
Being able to leverage your own brand to create more fruitful partnerships and reach out to more clients ensures success throughout your marketing career.
It will open a secret treasure trove of opportunities for you.  Success and branding go hand in hand and the more you cultivate your own brand, adding more value to yourself, the more successful you will become.

Your Personal Brand and Beyond

As you continually develop your personal brand, you are able to attain and aspire for higher standards.
You will be the epitome of excellence among your peers, regarded as a thought leader, whose opinion they value.
You will have a more progressive mindset and be among the top influencers in the marketing industry. By strengthening your own brand, learning is an everyday thing.
The natural leader in you will continue to innovate, think out of the box, and come up with solutions to even the most complex of problems. Because you adapt high standards in all your dealings, as an entrepreneur, you will inspire many to strike out on their own and build their own personal brand.

What Makes Your Brand Stand Out?

So how do you get ahead of the pack and make sure that your brand stands out?
When cultivating your personal brand, you capitalize on what defines you.
Is it your personal or professional history? Your KSA – knowledge, skills, attitudes? Your personality?
Whatever it is that you will utilize to advance your brand, remember that you have a LOT of potential, and has something unique to offer to the world.
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