May Spotlight Friday: Dr. Bob Clarke

As you know every first Friday of the month for this fantastic year of 2015
I take a moment to thank a person who has helped me on this awesome journey of owning my own home business.
I say journey because it is never ending.
The people you meet, the places you go are all an inspiration and I want to share some of those nuggets with you.
So ……..
…… this month’s spotlight is Dr. Bob Clarke.

How I met Dr. Bob Clarke

Now the funny thing about Dr. Clarke is we’ve never actually met in person.
Yup that’s the wonderful thing about online marketing.
You have leaders and mentors who you haven’t ever met in person.
But I will be meeting him God willing in Las Vegas in June
I first heard of Dr. Bob Clarke when I started reading the What’s Working Now Magazine.
It’s an monthly publication that talks about what’s working now in the online marketing industry.
I honed in on Dr. Clarke’s column because at the time I was still working a J.O.B
And I was looking for practical ways to build this business on literally 2 to 3 hours a day.
There were so many nuggets of gold that he was providing for me and took every piece of advice.
I looked forward to reading his column every month and still do!
In January he shared about outsourcing, which one may think is too early for a new coming;
But if it’s one thing I’ve learned from Dr. Clarke is that – as a part-time marketer –
you need to decided on what you’re going to spend your time doing and find other ways of getting everything else done!

When I met Dr. Bob Clarke

I was thrilled when I was able to finally “meet” him on a video hangout with a few of our No Excuses Summit attendees from last year!
Yup this is how I first met Dr. Bob Clarke.
This was one of those sessions where leaders in the Elite Marketing Pro community were getting together….
to plan how we will be helping folks like you prepare for No Excuses Summit this year in June.
As I said I can’t wait to meet him in person and shake the hand of the man
who really provided all the guidance I needed to lay a really good foundation in my business.

What I learned most from Dr. Bob Clarke

There are so many things I can list here but one thing that has stuck out
I have kept in the front of my head every day I buckle down to work.
Dr. Clarke says, “If you can’t do this business part-time, you’re never going to be able to do it full-time”
[Tweet “”If you can’t do this business part-time, you’re never going to be able to do it full-time””]
Now when I first heard those words I thought he wasn’t being serious.
What I’ve come to realize since leaving my job is that a home based business will NEVER get full time hours.
Now that I’m home, I have more hours in my day, but just as little time to work on my business.
I’m ever grateful to Dr. Clarke for helping realize this very early in my business.
On a recent 29 Minute Hangout with Chef Doug and Chef Katrina Dr. Bob Clarke shared something that would keep any newcomer from giving up!
He didn’t get his first sale until four years into the business!!!
Yes first sale came four years into his business.
So it’s ok if you aren’t seeing success this month or this year.
If you keep doing what you need to be doing
Success will come and you will join the ranks of the Dr. Bob Clarke’s
Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

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Online Marketer, Operational Nerd and Mom
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