RedJacketAs a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant you’re probably in two minds about recruiting.
After all alot of people in your circle have said time and time again that network marketing is a scam.
So you didn’t initially join Mary Kay to recruit anyone.
You just signed that agreement because you were really interested in the products and you wanted them for yourself! (at half price!)
You also realized that there was big business in just selling the products! (I mean who offers a 50% profit margin in the industry?!?!?)
And with all the multiple ways to market Mary Kay products (even non-conventional ways).
You were hard pressed to figure out what was the value in recruiting?
Well that’s a good question.

Why would you do any recruiting in any network marketing business for that matter?

Well most people would agree the products aren’t always that competitively priced.
Take for example Amway back in the 1980’s.
I was a child then and my parents were involved in the business.
Like everyone else at the time they focused on selling a very expensive product that had cheaper alternatives.
Obviously that did not work for them and by the time they tried to start recruiting they had spent alot of money on inventory.
When you get to that point you’re not really willing to spend even $10 on marketing the recruitment side of the business.
Thankfully Amway has changed its model since.
But that’s always something you have to think about. What’s the price of your product in the market place.
Remember people always have choices.
Mary Kay’s products have lots of competitive alternatives but they are all at or around the same price range.
Some are even priced higher. (Check out what I mean).
So you’re not competing on price (unless you’re in a third world country)

But back to recruiting!

Mary Kay’s 4 point recruiting plan….

…..which we’ll break down in just a minute starts with the Skin Care Class.
Mary Kay recommends that you do most of your recruiting from the Skin Care Class.
So it’s important that you understand how to book, and execute a skin care class.
Once you have a skin care class set up it is assumed that you’ve been in contact with the hostess of the skin care class.
So here we go!

Point 1: Ask hostess to suggest potential new team members.

Your hostess invited her friends and family to the skin care party so she has  a good idea of people’s personalities etc.
She will probably know best at this time who would be a good fit.
But my recommendation is not to rely solely on her judgment.
Eventually you will be building a relationship with these ladies so you can demonstrate to them beauty of Mary Kay.

Point 2: Tell your heartfelt, enthusiastic I-story

Why share information about you?
Well first of all if you’ve ever listened to any marketer of a product or service (not only in network marketing) they always start with a story.
Typically it’s their story. The story about their life, how they got started, why they got started and how they’ve arrived where they are today.
The reason for this is plain and simple – they want you to connect with them and begin to trust them.
If their story doesn’t resonate with you then you are probably NOT going to say YES to anything they have to offer right? Exactly!
We as people only buy from people we know, like and trust.
The I-story is meant to do just that.
But let’s just stop and think about this for a minute. Do you think that a 3 to 5 minute I-story is enough time for you to get to know who they are, like them and trust them that quickly?
For those that do great! for those that don’t then you need to implement this type of methodology.

Point 3: Offer your hostess a special gift for every person she suggests who becomes a new team member.

This is what is called buttering up. If you do it genuinely and not because it’s part of the system then you’re going to turn heads.
This offer has to be made in front of everyone.
Why is that important?
People respond to different triggers but one of them if the feeling of importance or prestige.
Ever read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” ?

The other trigger is naturally the feeling of wanting to be included. So if the other guest see they can get a gift for a referral that signs up then they will also want this gift and have incentive to give you the Mary Kay Beauty Consultant more recommendations.

Point 4: Share the Mary Kay opportunity with at least one guest as well as with your hostess at the end of your appointment.


So although you will mention the Mary Kay Opportunity (business) during the skin care class, you want to specifically talk to someone at length about the opportunity, the career path and all it has to offer.
Now the big note here is that Mary Kay doesn’t recommend you talk to everyone at the skin care class about this in depth.
But the reality is you don’t know who will eventually become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.
The person you thought would never become a consultant may end up being your BEST recruit.
In order to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to hear what the Mary Kay Business is all about, you should have a methodology for ensuring that they will hear about it.
This is why with all my consultants I share not only this 4 point plan but also the Attraction Marketing Formula.
The principles in that 10 Day Bootcamp are the ground work for ensuring that everyone you meet with will eventually hear about the Mary Kay opportunity at some point in time.
So go out there now and start sharing the opportunity using Mary Kay’s 4 point recruiting plan as well as the principles of Attraction Marketing.
You’ll be amazed at the results.

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The Marketing Mom
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