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About this Lesson

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”460″]Really simple lesson today!
Now that you have all the back end things set up you want to start making the blog look like a website.
What that will usually mean is navigation.
So how do you create a navigation tool bars.
Well that depends on what you are going to blog about.
Now I always recommend a minimum of two navigation menus for your blog.
This first will be your main navigation.
That will include things like an About me section, Resources etc.
Then you want to a menu for your blog that has navigation to content.
So again this goes back to your blog purpose and theme.
Are you blogging for business, for pleasure?
Are you blogging to teach people different things?
Are you blogging to share specific information?
This information is what drives what menus you have.
So watch the video on how to create your menus and check out the Bonus Resources



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