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About this Lesson

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”460″]Now once you’ve put the skin on your body you need to dress yourself right?
So this what we call the theme.
Without your theme your blog looks pretty naked to the rest of the world.
Now we all live in a world where clothes is the normal thing.
Most people wear clothes that reflect who they are and what they do.
So your blog should be no different.
Let your blog theme (it’s clothing) represent the purpose of your blog.
Are you in education, are you in community development, are you into cooking?
WordPress.org has so many themes to choose from you can get lost.
Now if you’re building a blog for business purposes I will recommend that you use the OptimizePress Theme.
The OptimizePress theme allows for business growth functionality without having to install a million and one plugins.
Ok so I’m getting ahead of myself here.
We’re going to be discussing plugins in the next Module.
But first let’s head over to your new blog that has WordPress installed and choose your theme.
Now if your blog is going to be for business I highly recommend making the investment for OptimizePress.
It’s well worth the one-time fee.
You will be able to do cool things like integrate your Autoresponder and various “lists”. We’ll be discussing Autoresponders in another blog post so stay tuned.[/text_block]

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