I’ve been hearing these three words ringing in my ears almost every day and i don’t mean ringing in a bad sense.
I’ve been accepted into a mastermind program of leaders who are ready to take their business to the next level.
The premise all started with making a decision to invest.
I always throw myself back to my college days when I … (my parents) forked up a pretty penny of what they termed an INVESTMENT in my tertiary education.
I always say I was one of the lucky ones to have their parents pay for my undergraduate and half of my first graduate degree.
The word they always used however when it came to this money and my education was INVESTMENT.
Until I applied for the program I can’t say I  ever had to invest in myself that heavily.
Now again this program isn’t a pretty penny but just like my degrees the value is priceless.
What is even more striking is that at some point in your life you realize you are never going to stop learning.
To learn anything of value comes with an investment. To learn from the best you’re just going to have to pay the best.
I can teach you calculus if you’d like but i don’t have a PhD in Calculus so would it be fair to charge you what the guy who has the PhD is charging you?
I don’t think so. Similarly if you want to learn how to build a 6 figure business don’t you think it may be in your best interest to pay the guy with the 6 figure business to help you build yours.
Just a thought.
I know many people who keep telling me, “Why am I going to pay someone to teach me marketing when there is so much content out there?”
That’s all well and good, but with all the free content out there have you grown your business to 6 figures as yet? Here’s a better question – have you grown it to 5 figures? 4 figures? 3 figures?
When you sit down and look at yourself in the mirror you need to be brutally honest with yourself.
Can I really do this on my own? Do I know what a 6 figure business looks like? Of course not! you don’t have one so how will you know.
You invest in your education to gain the knowledge of what others have, then you implement.
Check out my blog next week when we dive into Do and Teach.
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