As an independent business owner you could go the route of continuously placing Facebook Ads, or Google Ads.
You could maintain a fan page on a consistent basis and you could write content everyday and share on social media.
But I’m convinced that if you don’t have the element of email marketing in your back pocket then you’re not reaching your fullest potential.
Many people will start email marketing and then stop.
What they don’t realize is that email is where the relationship has the potential to be built.
You can build a relationship on your Facebook Fan Page. I’ve seen it done on many……
but it was with the support of email marketing.
You can build relationships on any Social Media Platform.
But like I mentioned previously for blogs, social media platforms don’t belong to you.
The concept behind email marketing is that the “list” of subscribers you build belongs to you.
They’ve opt-ed into YOU.
So here’s a quick review of what you need to have to ensure your email marketing efforts survive.

Your Email Marketing Survival Guide

email marketing

1. Know what you stand for

This may sound kind of crazy! If you’re in business you’re thinking well I stand for one thing “Making money” .
Well if that’s all you stand for then your subscribers will know it and leave you.
Also your subscribers are there to get to know you! Not business you but YOU.
To be quite honest, it’s like they’re reading the soap opera that is your life.
So don’t be like a politician switching your opinion every Monday morning. It’s a sure way to increase you unsubscribe rating!

2. Know what you stand against

Similarly you must know what you will stand against.
This has to do with more than just your personal principles.
It also has to do with what you will offer your subscribers.
What things will you NEVER associate yourself with and by extension NEVER share with your subscribers.
Some people to just make a quick buck take short cuts and sell crap to subscribers.
If you know something is crap then don’t sell it to your list. They will hate you forever!

3. Email Indoctrination series

Here’s the deal – the first time someone opts into your list they don’t know who you are.
The indoctrination series or opening series is a good way to help them get to know you and build trust.
Most email marketers call this the “goodwill” series.
And if you think about goodwill – it’s you giving them something of value!
But never forget to always offer them something in this series.
It’s the one opportunity that most new email marketers miss out on.
You’re not asking people to spend hundreds of dollars as they are getting to know you. You’re asking them to maybe spend $15 or $7 on a book or course.
PLUS  you’re giving them free training. It goes a long way in your business.

4. Creating Open Loops – cliff hanger

Every movie I watch creates open loops.
Every TV show I watch creates open loops.
And guess what?!?! because of those open loops I keep on coming back for more.
In your email marketing you have to allude to something that’s about to happen, but don’t reveal it just yet.
This is a very strategic use for email marketing. Why?
Because it

  • Creates tension
  • Creates Attention
  • Which leads to authority

If you become the authority then people will be more willing to buy from you than someone else.

5. Your Email P.S Line

Let’s face facts here for a moment…. there are two lines that are most read in any email:
The first and the last!
Sometimes it’s not even the last it’s the P.S
So always have a P.S in your email.
Your P.S should also create an open loop if you’ve mastered that technique.
If not an open loop at least a call to action.

6. Your Welcome Email

And finally your welcome email.
Yes I’ve put it here as the last thing on the list but this is something you want to craft very carefully.
It should include the following points but most importantly this is the email that sets the tone for every email to follow.
You must set expectations early for your subscribers and do the following:

  1. Introduce yourself and your company
  2. Introduce what you’d be sharing with them (just the general topic) nothing specific
  3. Set Delivery expectations
  4. Provide instructions.

Here is always a good place to introduce them your Facebook or other Social Media networks, you want to make sure they “white list” your email and you also want to illicit some kind of action.
I usually have my subscribers reply to the email so that I know they received it.
As mentioned before you also want to make a quick offer.
Nothing too expensive that will turn them off, but make an offer!

Final Thoughts

So here’s where I want to hear from you.
If you’re a veteran at email marketing I want to know if I left anything out, or was there anything on this list that YOU left out and you had to scramble to fix it later on.
If you’re a newbie to email marketing then you should try this program.

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The Marketing Mom
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