We all know that it’s easier to make money from your existing customers than trying to find new customers.
Whether you’re a consultant, a sales man, insurance agent or wedding planner
The one thing you all have is common is that you want more customers.
Well I think the real answer is you want increased sales.
Now we don’t have to have a degree in mathematics to know that increased sales either means
More customers
More Sales from current customers.
Now I have a client who is in a very small market.
He doesn’t seem to realize that he can’t grow his customer base very much more.
Nor does he understand that he can increase the volume of sales each customer makes in order to meet his revenue targets.
Rather than trying strategy number 2 he’s decided it may be best to close down the business.
Now it’s your business you can do whatever you want.
But if I were in business I’d do everything I can to save the business.
And the first place I would look to do that is from my CURRENT CUSTOMERS!
So let’s get down to brace tax shall we.
How do you continue to earn revenue from current customers?

1. Always Add Value and think long-term rather than short-term

Yes this is obvious. Customers want more for less. But the reality is if you help your customers they are going to help you.
Whatever you do don’t make it cheap.
Think of it this way if you wouldn’t sell it to your mother than don’t sell it to your customers.

2. Upsell the Obvious

Kind of a no-brainer but this actually stumps some business people when they are so focused on just selling one thing.
You have to remember that Xerox didn’t make it’s money on printers 😉
If I sell you make-up it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to need a facial cleanser to take it off right?
So think about your products and services as ways to build upon each other rather than competing.
Then think that your customers need it all!!!

3. Give your customers a heads up

Who doesn’t like to feel like an insider!
I do!!!!
I always want to know what’s going to happen before it does.
Do this with your customers!
It will start to build trust.
If your company is going to launch something new – give them the heads up.
Give them the “early-bird” discount.

4. Remind your customers of everything you sell

This may seem like a push strategy, but think about this statement for a minute,
[Tweet “You don’t know what you don’t know.”]
So let your customers know what you sell.

5. Stay in Touch

And finally the one area that kills most of the “bad” salesmen and consultants out there.
For heavens sake – stay in touch.
Drop an email
A phone call
A Christmas Card
A Birthday Card
A Thank you for being a loyal customer card.
A Happy Anniversary Card (for being our customer for X years)
Don’t just call your customers when it’s time for them to renew their contract.
Or when the payment didn’t go through!
You’ll loose that customer in the twinkling of an eye.
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