The simple answer!

Be yourself!
But I know that’s not what you wanted to hear.
There are so many articles that will tell you what you need to do to get more fans on your fan page.
There are also not so ethical ways of getting fans.
You’ll have tons of fans on your page, but are they really interested in your product or service.
Probably not because you bought those likes using some stupid system.
Fake likes will eventually get your Facebook Page shut down.
Real likes comes from REAL engagement!
Bottom line.
Always keep in mind what people are doing on Facebook and you’ll be set for likes.
People are there to be …….
drum roll Entertained!
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Every once in a while they want information how something useful in their life.

So here are Four Tips to help you more likes.


Tip #1 : Share Viral Entertaining content. 

One thing that I realized recently is that sharing content is not just about sharing it on your page.
I find tons of interesting and funny things in my newsfeed on a daily basis that I share.
Nine out of ten times the original post already has close to a 1000 likes and 50 shares and 40 comments!
So you want to share things are that are already being shared.
Then you want to re-share what you shared in the relevant groups that you’re apart of.
What do I mean?
Check out this video and I’ll show you.
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Basically the concept here is that you’re expanding your reach.
For example my husband is into film.
He uses very little advertising on Facebook.
But in one day using this strategy he was able to get 15 likes in a day on his company’s Fan Page!!!!
Now that’s better than spending $5 a day on a like campaign wouldn’t you agree.
Depending on your targeting in you ARE running a like campaign on your fan page you’re probably getting 5 likes a day TOPS.
Simply sharing viral entertaining content from your Fan Page can get you three times the amount of likes.

Tip #2: Share meaningful content that people are interested in. 

So you’re marketing your business 360 degrees.
That means you have a blog running, you have email marketing and you have your Facebook Fan Page.
People also want to learn stuff.
So your blog should be focused on teaching people what they may need to know.
What do you do with this type of post.
You share it.
But what’s better your boost the post for engagement.
Here’s where you have to spend a little money.
But spending money on a post that will increase your engagement on that post is going to pay out much better in the long run, than just running a like campaign.
Now I’m not knocking the like campaign, I’m just demonstrating other ways of getting your likes that may be a cheaper route.
So you write a really catchy blog post about a topic that everyone wants to learn about and then you boost that post for engagement.
And watch your likes, comments and shares start rolling in.

Tip #3: Keep up with the hot topics! 

It’s not hard to know what people are talking about on Facebook.
Just check out the trending. (it’s usually on the mobile apps of Facebook)
And if you don’t know check twitter!
Put it this way – I only knew about Maya Angelou’s death because it was all over Facebook.
So when you see trends happening, look out for them and capitalize on them.
Share relevant info about that trending topic.
Share a video, share an image.
Engage people in an area that they’re already engaged in.
It may seem like work, but trust me, it takes all of 10 minutes on Facebook to know what’s happening in the world and to participate from your Fan Page.
It’s called being human!!!! and not all about business. Because at the end of the day if all you’re posting on your Fan Page is business people will start running away from you.

Tip #4:  Have a Call to Action (CTA)

You know the funny thing about people?
You have to tell them what to do.
It’s very strange.
I will watch a great video that showed me how I can make chocolate chip cookies without flour and I’ll do nothing if the video didn’t tell me what to do next.
It’s that simple.
If you want people to share your content – You have to tell them.
You would think that if I stumbled upon a great recipe to make my FAVORITE snack in a healthy way I’d want to share it with the world? Right?
Well if at the end of the video is doesn’t say or show some text that says, “Did this Help You? Share it with a Friend”
Then I’m not going to share it with a SOUL far less a friend.
So be very specific in your call to action on your posts.
Yes it may seem obvious but as we said in the beginning engagement brings REAL likes to your Facebook Fan Page. Not a gig on Fiverr that said they’ll get your 10,000 likes and no one is talking about your page!
So if this has been helpful to you, share using the buttons below.
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Have a great day!

I’m Hilary De Freitas
The Marketing Mom
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Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

    11 replies to "How To Get More Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page"

    • Ruthanne

      What great points, Hilary. I’ll implement all of them! Thanks much for the great content.

      • Hilary

        That is great Ruth! Looking forward to seeing the changes.

    • John English

      Thank you Hilary for a great post with 4 amazing tips that I’ll be using asap.

      • Hilary

        John, Thanks for stopping by! Let me know how they work in your business.

    • Dr. Lisa Thompson

      Great points Hilary! I got a lot of value from this post – big point for me was creating content your market wants….
      Dr. Lisa

      • Hilary

        Yes Lisa, sometimes we overlook what our audience wants, with what they “need”. I heard someone say – Give them what they need wrapped in what they want!

    • Kay Somji

      Great tips on sharing entertaining and meaningful information. That definitely works. I like how you mentioned not to get fake likes. That’s an important thing!

      • Hilary

        Yes Kay, Fake fans could really kill your fan page quickly. I’ve seen so many local businesses do it and you can tell, because there are 7000 plus fans but not a single person ever likes, comments or shares!

    • James Lawson

      Thank you Hilary. I was thinking I needed to keep my Fan Page more about business only but I need to add some content too to keep it interesting…. I still have a lot to learn!

      • Hilary

        Yes James, your fan page although is mainly for business is on a “social” platform. So you can’t avoid the “play”.

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