How to Choose the Right Foundation Mary Kay?

One thing I know about Make-up is that when you find the right foundation you keep it for life!
Every woman (who wears make-up) will agree with me.
Finding the foundation that is right for your skin is the hardest thing.
You will go to department store after department store, trying on foundation after foundation.
Sometimes the color isn’t right.
Sometimes the color is perfect but foundation is too heavy!
Sometimes it just doesn’t look right. You don’t know what it is but it’s just not looking right on your face.
Other times it’s the price!
So as women we know the woes that can take place in trying to find the right foundation!
Everyone woman just wishes someone will help them choose the foundation that is right for them!
Not so?
So here we go!

Three Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Foundation


1. What do you want most from your foundation?

What do you think your really want from a foundation.
Now you do have options.
you can mix and match
But there are Five basic things you can get from a foundation. Especially those that Mary Kay offer’s

  • Age Fighting
  • Minerals
  • Moisturizing
  • Oil Control (yes this is possible)
  • Sunscreen

Once you’ve answered this first question then you need to know a very very very important fact.

2. What’s your skin type?

Without this knowledge no one can help you find the right foundation.
I would almost say this is the first question. But sometimes what you want is most important.
I always say that if you want sunscreen but your skin is oily then we know you will need XYZ foundation.
So knowing your skin type is very important.
It really helps narrow down your options that are actually available to you.
We have to remember that women need foundation so that they skin will look flawless and have an even tone.
They also want some amount of protection; so we have to make sure that what you want in your foundation is balanced with your skin type.
Last but certainly not least

3. What is the foundation finish you want after application?

So you’re probably very confused now.
What do I mean by Foundation Finish!!!!!
It’s the look you want!
How is it going to appear to people.
Now a flawless look is one thing.
the Finish!
It’s what will come out on the photos.
Some women prefer the natural look!
Others prefer what we call a matte finish.
And then there are those women who want to look radiant! We call this finish the luminous look!
When you have these three questions answered your options become as easy as reading a chart!
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I’m Hilary De Freitas
Online Marketer, Beauty Consultant and Mother
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