How to Build Your Facebook Audience?

The short answer?
Run a like campaign!
Ok that’s it for today!
Still here?!?!
Well that must mean you want the long answer.
So here it is…..
Because you just said – “What the hell is a like campaign?”
I get it.
Building your Facebook audience comes down to three things

1. Knowing who your Target Market is

2. Knowing where to find them and

3. Knowing how much you want to spend to reach them

Let’s face it, in business you have to spend something to get something.
But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to reach your market.
So let’s start at the very beginning…..
A very good place to start……
When you read you begin with…….
(sorry about that was watching Sound of Music with the little one earlier this week)

Who is your target audience to begin with?

Before you can even say you want to build your Facebook audience you must have an idea of who they are.
Now you’ve heard me say before that when it comes to your audience it’s really one person.
That’s what we call the “Avatar”.
If you don’t know who your Avatar is you can hand over a few hundred dollars to Facebook, do some posting and they will help figure out who your Avatar is.
That’s what their data is there for.
Personally I don’t recommend that approach unless you’re extremely RICH and have money to spend.
What I do recommend is learning what is required to define your Customer Avatar.
You can go through some training found in Elite Marketing Pro’s VIP Library.
The product you’ll be looking for is The Ultimate Sales Funnel. (that’s of course if you’re a DIY person).

Where does this Target Market go?

Once you know who you’re looking you can determine where they will most likely play.
Assuming your crowd is on Facebook you want to start marketing to them to grow your audience.
So once you’ve defined your Avatar the next step is to put all the information into your Ad Targeting section.
We’ll cover this in the post on how to create an Ad Campaign.
For now just know that you’re going to have to create an Ad and you’re going to put that information in the Targeting section.
You can follow this short video and create an audience then set up your ad from here.
[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_hide_controls=”Y” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cDovL3lvdXR1LmJlL3ZrOEd4VFRIN21R[/video_player]

Setting your Ad Budget and Creating the Ad

Once that is done then you need to decide what’s your advertising budget.
The long and short of it is the more money you spend the more people you will reach.
But remember if you’re only NOW starting off doing Facebook Ads I will recommend nothing more than a $5 a day budget.
Why because even if you could reach a lot of people you want those people engaged!
You don’t want what is called “cheap likes”.
You want a following of engaged fans.
So start small and then grow.
We will go into more detail as to how to actually create this like campaign at another time.
For now just know that if you spend $5 a day on a like campaign you will be able to grow your fan base to 1000 within three months. (I did it)
If you’ve ever tried to get engaged likes you know that this is no small task, but patience and persistence will allow you to grow your Facebook audience and start getting recognized.
Was this helpful for you today? Leave me a comment. Let me know how I can make it better for you.

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Facebook Social Media Trainer
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