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Every day that you wake up you probably say to yourself,
“What will I do for my business today?”
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If you don’t then you’re not 100% into your business. Now I’m not judging here.
I’m just saying that your mind may be in two places at the same time.
You have one foot in the pond, the other on land.
What I’ve realized in the last 18 months or so is that you have to be 100% committed to whatever business you’re in.
And when I say 100% I mean 100%.

Being in the Right Community

Now you’re probably wondering well what the hell does Elite Marketing Pro have to do with that.
Well it’s not just Elite Marketing Pro. It’s the EMP Team on Fire. It’s a group of individual entrepreneurs running very different businesses but all members of the Elite Marketing Pro Community.
We came together to form EMP Team on Fire (#empteamonfire). We’ve helped each other with different aspects of our business, we’ve brainstormed marketing strategies and we’ve become very good friends over the time we’ve worked together.
Now naturally we’ve allowed anyone who DOES join Elite Marketing Pro through us to come into the team.
We’ve turned this team into a training ground for new entrepreneurs who are ready to make the shift from opportunity seeker to business owner!
Thankfully I teamed up with the right people. And it really makes all the difference.

People Really Do Matter

You’ve probably heard the saying, “People don’t leave jobs they leave other people”
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Think about the last business opportunity you tried, or the last job you had, or the last relationship you were in…….
I don’t think you ended it because the opportunity sucked.
You didn’t leave your last job because the work was boring (or maybe it was).
You left because of the people. I left my job because of the people. I loved my work, I just couldn’t stand the people.
You just didn’t have the right people around you to help you, motivate you, guide you  just because! Not wanting anything in return.
It’s funny when you give yourself without asking anything in return, you get a hell of a lot back.
Elite Marketing Pro interestingly enough is one of the first business environments where I have seen people genuinely want to help others.
They’ve taught me that even in your business – People Matter.
People will always come first.
EMP Team on Fire has taught me quite a bit about putting your customer first.
Most of which I thought I learned from my Faith, I’ve actually been able to put into practice.
What would you say about a person who will allow a delay in the payment of services in order to just fast track the delivery of the service?
You’d probably say that person is crazy.
But if you make things difficult for your customers, but easy for you, you will run out of customers very quickly!

Building any Business Takes Time

When you first started reading this blog you were probably thinking —- 18 months doing one thing?!?!?!
Well Elite Marketing Pro taught me another very important thing about business.
You can make money quickly, but you can’t BUILD A BUSINESS quickly!
Now why do I say that.
In our community we have the rock stars, we have the snails, we have the jumpers (jumping from one strategy to the next).
Interesting thing they all “Make money”.
But none of them have a business until they stick with it for 18 months or more.
One of my past Spotlight Friday highlights is a perfect example. It took him four years before he made his first sale.
Some would call that stupid right? Sticking around a business for four years with zero sales. (I’m not talking zero profit, I’m talking zero sales!)
Most people will stay in a business if they make sales every once in a while. They don’t care whether they’re making profit or not.
They’re “making money” or so they think.
You see in Elite Marketing Pro you meet guys like my friend here who didn’t make a sale for the first four years of his business.
But he wasn’t too concerned about the lack of sales.
He was focusing on building a business.
That’s the STUFF of the people you will meet in Elite Marketing Pro. (especially in #empteamonfire)
We’re not here to make a quick buck!
We’re here to build legacies. We’re here to build relationships, we’re here to build a REAL BUSINESS.
And that takes time.
So if you think you don’t have the time to build a business then you just look for the next best thing ….. a JOB.
I’m looking for people who are committed to something bigger than themselves.
And it’s amazing how Elite Marketing Pro has created that community that inspires people to do more,
to be more,
and eventually to have more!
I know Elite Marketing Pro isn’t the only business community that inspires, so I’d love to know what community you’re apart of that inspires you!
And hey if it’s Elite Marketing Pro then give us a shout out!
…. In the comments below!

I’m Hilary De Freitas
The Marketing Mom
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Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

    6 replies to "How Elite Marketing Pro Can Inspire"

    • Jeff Beeman

      Couldn’t have said it better! Tim needs to hire you for some PR work!

      • Hilary

        Haha! Thanks Jeff! That’s a HUGE compliment.

    • Vivian

      Thanks, Hilary, This was a reminder that I need to visit EMP Team on Fire often. Thanks again.

      • Hilary

        Vivian not a problem. Team on Fire is the place to be to keep your momentum going!
        Have a great day.

    • Jim Story

      What a great blog post. It is those who are 100% committed that get the gold. You stayed focused for 18 months and succeeded. Congratulations..

      • Hilary

        Jim, Thanks alot and I’m glad you enjoyed this post!

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