How Can You Make Money Online?

Until about 2 years ago I would have asked this same question and wondered how is it possible to make money online.
Normal people like you and I, mothers, wives, parents…. college grads!
We know that the way to make money is to get a degree and get a job!
That’s all we’ve been ever taught.
We don’t understand this concept of making money online.
Even those of us who spend most of our time shopping online, we still don’t have a clue how to make money online.
When I decided to get serious with my business,
because I really didn’t want to have to work for anyone again and miss out on precious moments with my daughter,
I had to try and understand the online marketplace.
I decided to examine Amazon’s behavior to me – the consumer.
I decided to monitor what Walmart did every time I made a purchase.
I started paying attention to businesses that had a serious presence online.
Like most people my age – when online shopping first started we were probably not even old enough to drive!
Online shopping has been around for as long as I can remember.
The first thing I ever bought online …… and I am reminded of it ALL THE TIME from my parents…… was ……
Victoria Secret!!!!
And why do they remind me of this…….
Because I had to use THEIR credit card.
Yes the card had my name on it! But it was billed to them! Because I wasn’t old enough to have a credit card account!
So you see where I’m going with this.
I’ve been shopping online for a WHILE!!!!
So if I’ve been shopping online for a WHILE I thought to myself……
“Self, why can’t people shop from you online?”
And I’m sure you’re asking yourself that very same question these days. Am I right?
You’ve been searching the internet looking for ways to make money.
You’ve been researching and studying and learning all sorts of avenues to make money online right?
You’ve even joined a few network marketing companies right?
But you haven’t been successful yet?
You’re about to throw in the towel and say (quite stupidly I might add)
“No one can really make money online!!”
Well no one blames you!
Making money online isn’t a walk in the park.
But as I tell all my clients …. if you’re going to work for yourself (online or offline) you’re going to be working ALOT harder than you’ve ever worked before.
Just think a huge company like Amazon only recently started turning a profit.
So you have a few years of work well cut out for you.
So how do you make money online?
This answer is going to shock you but it’s very true.
What’s YOU inc ? you ask.
It’s YOU
Sell You!
Don’t sell your products, don’t sell your company, don’t sell your MLM
Sell You.
It’s let difficult it just takes work.
You need to decided this very moment that you’re going to ignore everything you’ve ever heard about selling products online.
You’re not in the business of selling stuff!
You’re in the business of selling yourself.
Because you are the ONLY unique thing you have to sell.
Let’s take a very quick example say you and I are in the same network marketing company and we both go to a function.
Someone recognizes you and we all start chatting. The topic of our network marketing company comes up and the person says they need to get some products.
Who is she going to buy from – you or me?
AMFLogoYOU of course because she knows you.
That’s the difference!
We are in the same company, we’re selling the same stuff but makes a person choose you over me.
It’s your uniqueness.
And if you’re going to be selling online you need to find that unique self and sell that!
I’ve been reading the Attraction Marketing Formula book.
I’ve actually made it a point to read it every month.
Because it is truly the fundamentals of how to build a business online.
If you’re interested grab your discounted copy right here today and get free access to a business coach for three sessions.

I’m Hilary De Freitas
Facebook Social Media Trainer
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Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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