Growing up in Mary Kay

I remember last year I read an article about a Mary Kay Family.
True enough it was in Mary Kay’s very own Applause Magazine,
Mary Kay Applause
But I was impressed at how one family could use Mary Kay as it’s form of income.
The Nelson Family may have seen some extremely rough times,
Losing a business and serious health concerns,
But the Mary Kay opportunity stepped in to help them.
Each in their own time mind you, daughter, then mother, then daughter joined Mary Kay.
Each are now pursuing their individual dreams of becoming Mary Kay Independent National Sales Directors!
How exciting is that.
But it all started with a first small step of signing a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement.
You’re probably sitting there reading this post are probably wondering well how to do I get there?
What do I have to do to become a Mary Kay Independent Future Executive Senior Sales Director?
How do I get to the Mary Kay Independent National Sales Director status?
What was true in this Mary Kay family is also true with you.
You have to have a Why that will make you cry.
You have to have a WHY that will make you become so laser focused that nothing will deter you.
In the Nelson family – it was a father with cancer.
Your why may be different.
My WHY’s name is Olivia
But no matter what or WHO your why is you still have to start somewhere.

The Mary Kay Career Path

When I read the Nelson family’s story I thought,
“Boy did they need Mary Kay”
I’ll tell you from my own experience, no one “needs” Mary Kay.
They just DO and BE Mary Kay.
Everyone starts as an:MaryKayIBC_woman

Independent Beauty Consultant!

At this level – you’ve made the decision to start your business
You’re selling product!MaryKayIBC_text
You’ve received a 50% discount on all products. That means you make 100% profit all on all products!
You’re also eligible for quarterly prizes and the monthly Subscription of the Applause Magazine.
Your next level in the Mary Kay Career Path is Mary Kay Senior Consultant

As a Mary Kay Senior Consultant

MaryKay IBC_ISC_pins
You have joined the ranks of those who are taking their business seriously!
You’ve noticed that its only those who have started building a team are the ones earning a lot of money.
Now they are still selling product, but they now receive a 4% commission of on their personal team’s product purchases from the company.
Now this is very important.
In order for you to get that 4% commission you need to be selling product as well.
So you’re not going to be allowed to just recruit people and sit back and make money off other people’s work!
No deary! You have to work too!
Climbing on up the Mary Kay Ladder we have

The Star Recruiter or Star Team Builder!

MaryKay Star Team Builder
At this level you still earn profits based on retails sales
You earn 4% commission on what is termed as the wholesale orders of your personal team members
You also receive a $50 RED JACKET rebate
as well as
You receive a $50 Team-Building Bonus for each added new team member (after your fourth team member)!
Your team comprising of about 3 to 4 active personal team members.

Team Leader/Future Independent Sales Director

is your next level of growth in the Mary Kay Career Path.
This is where you’re starting to expand your wings.

As a Mary Kay Team Leader

you have 5 to 7 Active personal team members
You are earning revenue from product sales
You are earning 9% or 13% commission
You are earning $50 Team building bonus per new team member
You are also eligible for qualifying for Star Consultant recognition; as well as to earn the use of your first car!

As A Future Independent Sales Director

MaryKay DIQ
You’re ready for the big leagues!
You’re already earning 9% or 13% on your personal team’s wholesale purchases.
You have at least 8 or more active personal team members!
You’re making Team building bonuses
and Profit from product sales (because remember you must be ACTIVE)
This is where you can decide to turn in your application to Mary Kay to say,

[Tweet “”Hey I’m ready to become a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director””]

Once you’ve pushed through the

Director-in-Qualification stage

which by the way is a testing ground for you.
You must maintain certain standards and grow your team to 24 active team members.
This qualification requires an entire page all by itself (coming soon!)
So you’re probably thinking ……
There’s more to the Mary Kay Career Path.
Well remember the Nelson Family.
Mother and two daughters are directors.
And they are heading to National Director Status.
Being a Mary Kay Director is no small order!
I’ll tell you that.
There are tons of responsibilities because now you’re a leader.
You’re someone that other people are looking up to.
They are looking to you for the answers to all their questions.
You have to be able to show them everything they will need to know in order to build their business.
As well as continue to build you own!
But as you GROW you will learn that Mary Kay isn’t a lonely place.
Your team becomes your family!
You begin to rely on each other
And your sister Directors and sister Consultants will help you along the way.
That’s the Mary Kay Way.
So if you think you’re ready for the challenge of making it to Director
These are the steps.
Once you’re there you’ll see the beauty of Growing as a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director.

 I’m Hilary De Freitas
Online Marketer, Independent Beauty Consultant and Mother
Marketing online is a journey, a journey that I invite you to share with me.
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Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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