Go And Play

If you’ve ever started getting stressed on a project……
Or you can’t figure out a problem……
Or you’re just hitting a wall with trying to write a book……
Here’s my suggestion to you …..
Go and Play….
Play ……
Play with your kids,
Play with your dog,
Play with your husband.
Go and have some fun and stop thinking for a two seconds.
I’m starting to realize the value is playing.
For the last two weeks I’ve been spending time every day just doing nothing and then playing.
To some people it would appear that I’m wasting time.
Heck a year ago I would have said the same thing.
“You should be working right now!!!! Why are you wasting time playing with your daughter!!!!”
I used to say to myself.
Until I realized that it was only after spending two hours of playing with her that I would come and sit down at my computer and words will just flow.
I would write for hours on end.
It still didn’t click however until it was recommended by my mentor and business coach Tim Erway to start reading a book called Essentialism: The Discipline Pursuit of Less by Greg Mckeown.
In reading this book I realized that when I was younger I embodied the “virtues” dare I say of an essentialist.
But as I grew older and particularly when I entered the world of work I started to become a non-essentialist.
I started to allow everything else to dictate my life until earlier this year.
Without even realizing it I started to say, “No”
I started to push back
And That’s when I started to realize my true passions, dreams and desires.
That’s when I was able to focus on my goals and start making them happen.
McKeown also talks about play.
But we already knew this right – Google isn’t the best place in the world to work because their cubicles are lined up perfectly and they create a very quiet and sterile place of work.
Google is a FUN place to work.
I remember a friend telling me that her boss told her that she had to remove her pictures of her family from her desk because they will be too distracting!
Without reading books or doing studies that’s just examine that for a minute.
If your family is the reason for showing up to your dead beat job everyday and you can’t even have a picture of them on your desk as you do the mundane, pointless job that you’ve been assigned, in order to motivate you to keep going, then it’s time to leave that job!
I almost fell off my couch when my friend told me that.
Personally I would have probably picked up my bag walked out.
Called HR told them I’m taking my two weeks vacation and oh by the way, here your two weeks notice as well.
Most companies don’t believe in fun and play.
Most companies don’t realize the beauty of just doing nothing.
They feel everyone has to busy “doing” nothing.
I rather actually DO nothing and then go and produce something beautiful, than be working feverishly every minute of the 8 hour day and have nothing to show for it other than a time card.
If your J.O.B doesn’t allow you the flexibility to play and you can’t work for Google or LinkedIn or any other organization that just has vision then you need to move on and do your own thing.
I’m glad I left that dead beat environment to start my own online business.
And I have never looked back!

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