My personal belief is that motivation must come from within. When you seek it from other people, who inevitably have tendencies to not be there for you when you need them most, your chances of not making it through life’s difficulties are really high. The same goes with running a business. You must be your own motivation; the driving force that keeps things going despite the challenges you face day-by-day.

Motivation is the core of your business. It pushes you to your limits; to explore new heights. However, it is also a natural event in any person’s life to experience setbacks; to be in a slump. Now, the real question is, when this happens, will you able to dust yourself off and get up? Or will you just watch everything you have worked hard for burn into ashes right before your eyes? I hope you’re not choosing the latter.
Trust me, it is okay to be demotivated at times. It’s understandable. You need these moments to be weak so you can contemplate on your next best business move. Difficult times will be your best teachers. Every failure will teach you a lesson. Every mistake will make you a better version of yourself. Soon enough, you will know the ins and outs of your business even with your eyes closed. However, if you don’t desire to learn everything the hard way, you always have the option to learn from the business experts who’ve been through it all, done those things, and knew better.
Now, to help you map back-up plans to revive your business and give it a whole new life from a marketing standpoint, here are some tips you can start applying today.
Tip #1: Acknowledge It
The first thing you need to do in order to get out of a slump is to acknowledge that you are currently in a downturn. Being in denial won’t help you anyway. Do not blame anyone or anything else for it. By taking accountability of being in a slump, you’re making a mature move that will lead you to taking action, to doing something about it.
Tip #2: Accept It
Just like in any other areas of life, acceptance play a huge role in getting out of a slump when running a business. Please stop calling it anything else or viewing it as something it isn’t. Remember that being in a slump is not a permanent condition.
It is but a present situation that needs your immediate attention.
Tip #3: Look for Solutions
Okay, so it’s time you seek solutions to get out of a slump. Don’t spend too much time overthinking about your current situation. You don’t have to spend all your waking hours feeling bad about it. You need to get going! How can you get out of a slump when you are just sitting all day waiting for something to happen? You have to take action! You can start by researching online for tips on getting out of it.
Tip #4: Talk about It

It’s true that often, all we need is that one person who will listen to everything we have to say without judging us. So, in cases when you find yourself in a slump, have a confidant whom you can tell it all. It can be your spouse, your best friend, your mentor, or anybody you trust. Doing this will help you feel better. By unloading what you feel and sharing what’s going on in your head, everything becomes clearer. You are able to identify what could have been wrong because someone’s giving you honest insights.
Tip #5: Stop Talking About It with Everyone Repeatedly
Now, after you have talked about your present situation with that one person you trust, you don’t have to tell everything to everyone who’s willing to listen to what you are going through. When you repeatedly talk about it, you’re only emphasizing the negativity. You are not doing your business any good when you keep seeking for sympathy from all the people around you. You don’t want to wallow in self-pity, don’t you? So, you gotta keep moving!
Tip #6: Get Out of Negative Mentality
One of the ways to have a better vision of where you should be heading is to shake off all the negativities in your life. Remove negative thoughts in your mind as well as negative people in your circle. You only need positive energy to boost your confidence, to make you do seemingly impossible things, to push you to do better and be more productive. Negativities aren’t and will never be good for you and your business.
Tip #7: Raise your Energy Levels

This doesn’t mean that you have to go on a week-long vacation or go on hibernation mode to figure things out. Most of the time, all you need is a short break to amp your energy levels, breathe in, evaluate the situation, and get back to your senses.
This can be in the form of going for a quick outdoor jog, grabbing your yoga mat and spending an hour doing your favourite pose, or engaging in other forms of exercise. As your brain receives more oxygen because of these activities, your clarity increases and you can easily come up with solutions to get out of a slump.
Tip #8: Surround yourself with 5 Positive People
In replacement of all the negative people you have eliminated from your life, you must welcome 5 positive people in it. These people will be your source of inspiration and positive energy to be more productive and successful. Spend more time with these people because you will definitely learn a lot from them.
Tip #9: Change your Routine
Perhaps all you need is a change in your routine or old habits so you can think better. If you’ve been working in your home office for too long, why not visit the nearest café and work there? Or how about treating yourself to a lunch out so you can see new views? Doing new things randomly can help you become more creative and more productive.
Tip #10: Take Action
After all these things have been said, what better way to get out of a slump than to take action? Enough or the brainstorming because you wouldn’t want to stay in a slump for too long. It’s time to get on your feet and do whatever it is that you have thought of and learned about. Take action now before it becomes too late for you! Remember, you are the only person you can rely to when it comes to achieving your business goals because nobody, absolutely nobody, knows how to run it better than you.
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