The Five Basic Human Desires – Prestige

firstplaceWould you agree that human beings are an interesting bunch?
I have realized that as we get older we get very complicated. I was on a webinar a couple days ago with hosted by What’s Working Now, and we were talking about the interesting topic of Influence.
If you have never realized how important this is in your Network Marketing Company then you need to take a closer look.
More so is the importance of understanding HOW PEOPLE THINK.
I believe that most people in fact do have basic desires.
If you examine yourself very carefully you will realize that each of these human desires exist in your own life in one way or another.
Maybe they don’t all exist simultaneously and if they do then you need to probably watch yourself.
But let’s start with the first of those desires.
If you throw yourself back to your days of high school or maybe college you may remember wanting to be the Homecoming Queen or King, or maybe it was Prom Queen or King.
Maybe it was that you wanted to be President of the Student Senate or your Sorority or Fraternity.
As you got older you found yourself wanting to be the Captain of your sports club or the Manager of your department; the Chairman of your Church’s Building Committee or maybe the CEO of your company.
What do all these desires represent? A longer to be publicly admired and recognized! Not so?
I know I’m hearing one person in the crowd saying, “Well that was never me. I never wanted to be popular!”
firstpositionWell if you never wanted to be popular maybe that just means that you never were.
(Not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings).
I was one of those people who tried to convince myself that I did NOT want to be popular.
I tried to convince myself that all of that was just very superficial nonsense and that I did not need to have “prestige” to get anywhere in life.
The reality was that by constantly telling myself I didn’t want to be like that or that I wasn’t interested in being “known” only served to fuel my inner desire to be “known”, to be recognized, to be a winner, to be in a position of “authority”.
But you’re probably asking yourself, “So is this information helping me in my business?”
Well if people want to recognized, to feel like they are a winner, to be admired and respected in a public setting – then you have to create that for the person.
Recognition is a big part of people being successful, but more than recognition – PUBLIC recognition.
It has been said that you should always praise people to success.
If you are able to show a person that your company or business will be able to fulfill that inner desire to be recognized,
or if you are able to show that by succeeding in this business they will acquire the things in order to be recognized and acknowledged by their peers,
then you have tapped into that desire of Prestige.
Remember people in all honesty want to feel special.
They want to know that someone thinks that they are important.
If you are selling a product or promoting a business opportunity that will put that “stamp” of approval, or the “first place” badge on a person – you’ve become a winner too!
Stay tuned for the next four Basic Human Desires that if you tap into these it will really help you influence people to either join your business or buy your products.
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