The Enemies of Influence: Skepticism and Complacency

Now if you think that you don’t know what it takes to get someone to become interested in your business, then you need to go over those posts about human desire.
But let’s say you don’t have all the skills sets that you need to adequately influence someone through their own desires what then?
Tim Erway, I have to say is a mastermind when it comes to training like this. Dare I say I’ve been privileged to have training from him thanks to my membership with Elite Marketing Proemp-logo-blog
So sometimes we’re up against more than just not knowing how to tap into people’s desire in order to influence them to make a decision to join your business.
It’s like anyone that walks on this earth – the first thing we’re up against is GRAVITY.
Well the first thing you are going to have to face as a network marketer is Skepticism.
No-one believes anyone they don’t trust.
I think I’ve said it a million times on this blog. People buy from those they trust.
But most people are skeptical because they do not believe you.
They don’t believe it can work, they don’t believe you are telling the truth.
Most times when people are looking at network marketing opportunities they are looking at it as a get rich scheme.
Network marketer by virtue of it’s definition can NEVER be a “get rich” scheme.
So if you get that idea out of your head and you believe for yourself that it is a HARD WORK for a LONG TIME Business then that impression will also be translated to your prospects.
They will quicker believe anything you say about the business if you are up front with them about the effort that needs to be put in BEFORE you glam them with all the rewards that can be gained.
Although many people out there are looking for a “get rich scheme” in their hearts they know that really doesn’t work.

So why are people looking for it in the first place?

Well they have a pain – a real pain that they are trying to get rid of.
Usually that’s the pain of not having enough money.
Now it isn’t about not having enough money – it’s about not having enough money to send their kids to the school they really want;
or it’s not having enough money so that they don’t have to work three minimum wage jobs just to cover the bills;
or it’s not having enough money to buy their children more than one Christmas present a year.

Another challenge that you are most likely to be up again is Complacency.

“Well …. I really don’ t know…” “I have sooo many things to do….” Yada yada!
Right we’ve heard it all before.
Your job is to remind them of the PAIN, the big hairy problem that they have in their life that they shared with you.
You have to remind them that because they are NOT working for themselves they can’t attend their son’s soccer games because it always conflicts with their schedule.
You job is to remind them that if they do nothing then they will never get to go on vacation two a year.
Your job is to remind them that not looking into this opportunity will keep them working those three jobs to cover the bills.
Now obviously you’re not prospecting the desperate here – you should never be trying to bring into your business anyone who doesn’t have enough money to put food on the table.
Although you may think they “need” this opportunity that is really not the person you want on your team.
(More about that concept in the Black Belt Recruiting Course.)
So when you’re up against Skepticism and Complacency you have to remember that you need to turn their doubt into belief and remind them about the PAIN that they are living in this very moment.
Taking that action will bring you one step closer to influencing your prospect.
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