What the Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge Did For Me

So many of you know that I was involved in the Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge, what many of you may not know is that prior to this challenge I had been doing my business as a part-time “hobby” at best.
I want to say that it has been an honor working with so many leaders in this industry.
I must say thank you to Katrina van Oudheusden and Doug De Mercurio for hosting the 60 day challenge.
I must also say thank you to all the guest presenters; Rebecca Woodhead, Tim Erway, Vitaly Grinblat, Nick Haubner, Tyson Zahner and Ben Settle (hope I did not leave anyone out).
I feel truly privileged to have been trained by these leaders in this industry. I would say that this is the best thing about this challenge.
We all had the opportunity to gain golden nuggets from top earners in the online marketing industry.
But what was even better than learning was being able to see yourself actually grow from a small pea to a budding flower.
I can’t say the flower is completely open – we still have work to do – watering, weeding, pruning etc.
But I learned from this challenge that;

“you must celebrate each small achievement.”

You must put into action what you learned and then go and teach it to others.
There are not enough pages in the world for me to say what I learned during these 60 days but the most important of them all was :

“having the right mind set.”

You have to be in the mind set of action. You cannot allow one day to go by and you have not done something for your business.
You have to get out of your skin and push yourself beyond your comfort zone.
Before this challenge I would write on my blog for a week then I would take two months off, then I will come back and write again for a week, then another two months off.
If blogging is your business you need to write everyday!
Before this challenge I would NEVER have gotten in front of a camera and spoken about anything that I learned from a training or webinar.
I even hated the sound of my voice on the videos.
Today I have a YouTube Channel with videos! I still hate the sound of my voice but that doesn’t stop me from doing my videos.
Before this challenge I did not have a list to email. Today I have 8 new leads who I communicate with every other day!
I remember one of my earliest quotes that I posted on my FaceBook Fan Page – “Nothing works unless you do.”
Sometimes we get to a place where we are fed up of our OWN excuses.
I got to that place a few weeks before the challenge.
That’s why I purchased Magnetic Sponsoring, that’s why I purchased Elite Marketing Pro and that’s why I did the challenge.
I got tired of my OWN excuses and I was ready to put my head down and WORK my business.
olivia and meApart from which my WHY was getting bigger, and I mean growing bigger – she was no longer the cute baby that was born July 20th 2013.
Her needs started getting bigger and I realized that if I was going to provide for her and support my husband in his ventures as well I needed a new plan, a new direction.
Elite Marketing Pro gave me that plan, gave me that opportunity to grow and shine.
Nothing works unless you do.
It’s that simple.
This challenge may not have worked for others because they didn’t work.
But it worked for me because I made the best of it.
Some people need recipes, need plans, need direction to get going.
I was one of those people. I needed a blue print to follow so that I can get good at it and then continue.
If you’re not in a 60 day challenge then I encourage you to get on board the next one.

If you need any help getting started do NOT hesitate to reach out to me.
I’ve walked the path so that I will be able to show others the way.
Have a wonderful day!
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