Don’t Sweat It

Last night I was on a webinar with some amazing guys – Nick Haubner and Andrew Draughon.
And while the webinar was quirky, it was one of those webinars that you just needed at the exact moment.
You needed a little motivation, a little push, a little INSPIRATION.
You see sometimes you feel like your world is tumbling down all over you and you don’t know where to go.
Well some people feel that way when something bad happens like YouTube slapping them in the face and shutting down their channel!
Big DEAL is what the guys said last night.
You have to OWN your content. Never rely on someone else to save, monitor and store your stuff.
I’ve always been a little anal when it comes to backing up so one of the first things I did when I started this whole online marketing thing is I went and bought an external hard drive.
You’re probably wondering why external – well because I’ve had my share of computers crash on my and never start again!
So YouTube slapping me hasn’t affected me much because I have everything backed up.
But I realized last night’s webinar was not only for those who got slapped.
It was also for those who won’t feeling too good about the last week, or the weekend, or were starting to feel overwhelmed.
Don’t sweat it! Don’t worry! Be happy.
Because if you worry about it all that is going to happen is more worry will come rushing your way.
So just as the week was starting I was really glad to have two leaders in our Elite Marketing Pro community tell me! It’s no problem dude! Everything will be fine. Just pick up yourself, dust yourself off and try again.
It’s that simple!
Go me!
I hope you’ll have a much better week now if you found yourself in that dark place. The light is just a few steps away.
Take care now and have a wonderful day.
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