Don’t Bring Your Work Home on Facebook

This is the part of my training clients when I have to tell them that your personal life is personal and your business life is business…..
BUT they must be in harmony.
So today I want to focus on two issues that I see cropping up on Facebook.
The first is obvious and we’ve touched on it before, but repetition is what drives things home.

1. Keep your business off your personal Facebook page.

Even more don’t create a business from a personal page.
I’ve been seeing a lot of people opening Facebook accounts and creating their business as a “person” on Facebook.
Now I don’t work at Facebook, but I know people, who know people who work at Facebook.
And if it’s one thing that Facebook does NOT want any business doing, is creating personal profiles as business pages.
If you’ve done this, here’s my simple stupid advice.
Close the account and start over.
You’ve probably already been “deleted” by the Facebook Artificial Intelligence software.
And yes Facebook has AI.
So don’t try to scam them.
Facebook is here to make money and they are also here to help you make money using their platform.
Just use it the right way and you’ll be fine.
So apart from NOT doing the obvious let’s talk about what you post on your personal page.
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2. What you should be posting on your personal page

I thought this was a pretty obvious thing.
But let’s say for example you’re an Image Consultant and you’ve created your Fan Page.
You are doing everything right on your Fan Page, posting good content, decent images etc.
Everything on your Fan Page is perfect.
You’ve climbed to 1500 likes and growing.
But then you realize you’re getting a lot of unlikes.
What’s happening?
What are you doing wrong on your Fan Page?
Well the problem isn’t your Fan Page the problem is your Personal Profile.
You’re suppose to be an image consultant, but on your personal page you got images that belong in Playboy Magazine.
I think anyone who sees you’re connected with that kind of “image” doesn’t really want you helping them build their image.
See the importance.
When you’re online you are one person.
So although you need to keep your business separate to your personal life, you need to make sure what you present in your personal life is coherent with what you present in your business life.
You ARE your business on social media.
You are tied to your business on social media.
It doesn’t mean that everything must be ALL business, but it DOES mean that you must present yourself as someone others would want to do business with.
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