Do You Want A Business or a Job?

I was doing some training with an e-course that my network marketing company offers and they said something in the course that stuck out at me.
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Talk about in your face.
Everyone talks business but no one does what it takes to be in business.
Well at least a lot of people I knew.
I would meet people almost everyday who would complain to no end about their sucky job!
So why not do something about it?
I’ve even met people who had an opportunity to leave their job and start their own business!
But guess what? they passed up the opportunity.
Yea? Strange.
So Do you want a business or a job?
I was reading an article that talked about 5 mistakes successful entrepreneurs will never make again;
What was interesting about it is if you turn those 5 mistakes around
and then ask them as questions
and you answer YES to those questions
then you’re probably not ready for business.
So goes……

1. Do You Hesitate?

There’s decision making and then there’s not willing to make a decision.
Business people aren’t afraid to make decisions.
They make decisions quickly and stick with them.
Job oriented people tend to make a decision then change that decision demanding on …… “feedback”
A business owner really doesn’t have time to pissy foot around with hesitation.
And most of the business people I know who have been extremely success
Are the ones who put their heads down and did what needed to be done!

2. Do You Blindly follow popular advice?

Advice is good.
Any good business owner will always seek advice.
But guess what they aren’t going on Twitter to get that advice.
They aren’t hitting up their Whatsapp group of long lost friends to find out which market they should enter.
Business owners almost always seek advice from experts!
You don’t have to have a degree to be an expert.
I call an expert someone who’s done what I want to do and been successful doing it.
As my mentor Tim Erway has said on several occasions

“Find someone who has what you want,
Do what they did
and  you’ll get what they got!”

3. Do You give away your expertise for FREE?

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Yes this is a mistake that entrepreneurs make, but this is something that every JOB oriented person does!
An entrepreneur knows that his intellectual capital is what he has to sell!
An employee thinks that his time is what he has to sell.
So an employee – job mentality – type person will give a lecture to a group of bank workers for FREE.
Calling it volunteer work! or Philanthropy!
An entrepreneur will charge the Bank for their services AND record the session in order to sell over and over again to other clients without having to actually be at the location!

4. Do you listen to “nay” sayers as if their opinion matters?

All I have to say about this is – If you want to be in business – stay away from people who don’t.
Negativity abounds, but if you pay attention to it you will probably end up just like those negative people.
Most people in jobs, complain about their jobs,
Because everyone else is complaining about their jobs.
If you’ve ever even had the thought of wanting to go into business and  you told some of these people
You probably heard every reason why going into business is bad
Why owner your own business is the worse thing you can do
Did you ever stop to ask any of these “nay”sayers is they own a business?
Have any of them ever tried business?
You don’t need to – 95% of people who try to dissuade you from doing something….
If Richard Branson were to tell me – “Hilary business is the hardest thing. You don’t want to try it”
I may listen to him.
After all he owns quite a few businesses.
But Richard Branson wouldn’t tell me that!

5. Do you lose your focus alot?

I’m not talking about A.D.D
I’m talking about you just never focus on anything for too long.
You’re always jumping from one thing to the next and you don’t finish what you started.
What I’ve realized in business is that you need to have focus.
It’s almost like you need to put on the blinders, set the clock and work like no one exist in the world to finish what you’re doing.
I do it every day with my blogs.
I turn my phone off,
Switch off email
Turn off the radio, TV everything
and I get to blogging.
30 to 45 mins later I resurface!
That’s the kind of focus you need if you’re running a business.
If you don’t know how to do that…….
Stay in your job…..
If you think you have what it takes…..
Then jump into your business feet first
Forget the “nay” sayers
Make a decision
and Just focus!
I hope you got value from this post today!
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