You surely didn’t invest your money, time, and effort to set up a business just to watch all of it go down the drain, so having predefined business systems is truly critical for your success.
This is often the mistake of newbie entrepreneurs who dive right into running a business, thinking all they need is monetary capital.
However, any thriving business understands that this is not the case.
Yes, money enables anyone to establish a business, but it is having working business systems that ensures its longevity.
Although this video talks about Systems for your business as a work from home mom there are lessons that can be carried over to any business.
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What Are Business Systems?

As the term implies, business systems are the building blocks of any business.
These are processes that are essential to a company, big or small, whether you realize it or not.
These are methods, procedures, processes or course of actions designed to attain specific results; these are interrelated steps that work together for the benefit of the whole.
The secret, however, is to create effective business systems that will give you consistent and measurable results that will ultimately benefit your customers.

Examples of Business Systems

Business systems can be as simple as a checklist, which you can prepare in an hour or so.
More complex business systems on the other hand, may take longer like days or weeks to be designed and implemented.
If you are clueless about what a business system is then check out the processes below:

  • Website Creation and Maintenance
  • Lead Generation
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Sales Conversion
  • Pricing
  • Operations
  • Purchasing
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Shipping
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Service
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping

The ones listed above are examples of specific business systems, which fall under a bigger umbrella.
Lead generation, for example, falls under your marketing system.
These specific business systems help you run your business; the standards that you and all your employees (if there are any) will follow.
By having a business system in place, you will not go astray from your goal.
It is like saying “Hey, this is how we do it in here!” Come to think of it, by having detailed business procedures and standards, you are giving yourself (as the owner) and your employees (as your allies) more accountability for the success of your company.
It binds everyone together in achieving a common goal, which will not only earn you maximum profits, but will also strengthen your branding efforts.
Think about big brands like McDonalds, Federal Express, and Google.
All of these companies/brands have innovative business systems that aim to serve their customers better, which make them top companies globally.
This is how you should think regardless of the size of your business.

It’s Time to Identify Your Own Business Systems

Now that you know more about business systems, it’s time to work on your own.
I’d encourage you to list the specific business systems that you think will help you run your business effectively, efficiently and profitably.
Let Michael Gerber’s insights guide you:

“Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the business and people run the system. People come and go but the systems remain constant”

If you still don’t think you can come up with your own business system, then contact me now!

Let me know what you thought of this post by leaving a comment below. Did it serve you in your business today?
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