Many mothers have asked me how did I do it?
How did I focus on business and manage the trials of being a first time mother?
You’re probably wondering if you can do both?
The short answer is NO.
Can’t do both. Being a mother and a business owner is not easy.
I mean you can’t do both at the same time.
Most mothers I know I have become so proficient at doing certain things that they believe they are multi-tasking.
They’ve just mastered the system.
As a new mother you’re not at that stage yet.
I wasn’t either.
I don’t even know if I’m there yet.
But there are so many things for a new mother to consider when trying to manage the business and the baby.
If you’ve already chosen your business – you already have established customers, you have staff!
Then you don’t have much of a problem.
All you need is some proper planning before baby is born and you’re good to go.
But if you’re one of those soon to be mothers who is thinking to yourself….
[Tweet “”Maybe I started this business too close to my baby’s birth” “]
[Tweet ” “Maybe I should have waited until AFTER the baby was born to jump into this new business” “]
Remove those thoughts from your mind!
[Tweet “The best time to start a business is exactly the time that you do! “]
Here are somethings that can help …..
A lot of these conditions depend on the type of business you’ve started.
Assuming you’ve just gotten started and it’s something you’re able to do from home then many of these tips will help in your situation.

Before the Baby Comes

Expecting Mother
So if you started your business and then two months later you’re pregnant – FEAR not you have time!
So here are so quick tips to help you lay the foundation.

1. Double up on every activity

What do I mean by that.
If you’re used to calling and sending an email to one customer a day then do it for two.
When it comes to your passive marketing efforts; whatever you’re doing for today – schedule for tomorrow as well.
{by passive marketing I mean blogging, shooting videos, social media posts}
Doing two of everything a day will mean by the end of nine months you have a stock pile of content that you don’t have to create nor will you have time or energy to create.

2. Always be selling

When it comes to active marketing, don’t worry if you’re sounding like a stuck record –
Now is the time to get your message out about what you’re selling.
Offer people solutions on a daily basis. (Obviously the solutions are things you sell)
Every opportunity you have to sell – in an email, blog post or video – give your audience the opportunity to buy.
Talk to mothers at your clinic visits, talk to women in the grocery. If you’re working and you’re comfortable with it, talk to your colleagues.
Get to know the people around you so that you can find out what their problems are so you can provide a solution.

3. Feed Your Mind Daily

Learning, reading, educating.
Begin to immerse yourself in everything related to your business.
If your business is in data – learn everything about data.
If your business is social media – learn everything about social media.
If your business is in the health sector – learn everything about the health sector.
But not only learn the core competency of your business, learn how to market your business passively; listen to motivational and inspirational video and tapes.
Read books that will give you that extra push that you need to get through a bad week.
Be apart of mastermind groups that uplift and keep you going.

After the Baby Comes

Mother and New Baby
There is very little you will be able to do in the first two to three weeks of delivering your baby.
I didn’t heed the advice of many other mothers who said, “Sleep when baby is asleep”
I thought if I could just get a little bit of work done while she’s asleep then I will go nap.
Never happened and I burned out very quickly.
I forgot my name was Hilary DeFreitas and not WONDER WOMAN!
So the strategy is simple let technology work for you!

1. Advertise Content

Remember for the last nine months you were going hard core selling, hard core content creation.
Here’s what you need to do now.
And the strategy is very simple.
[Tweet “Every week set up Advertising campaigns that send people to your content. “]
Pick one blog, or one video, or one product  you want to sell and create an Ad that will drive “traffic” to that post.
You’re done for the week!!!
If you want you can let it run two weeks or even a month!

2. Stay in Touch

Update your customers about your new experience as a mother through email or social posts.
Keep them engaged but don’t sell.
They will know you’re still around if you just share  your life with them.
Your selling is already embedded in the content which you’re advertising because you can’t share it everywhere.
Share things that you read over the last few months that inspired you.
If you’re able attend a few mastermind calls just to keep motivated do it if NOT
STAY IN BED – but continue to read.

Final Thoughts

As a new mother you have to rest.
As a business woman you have to be there to sell.
But the beauty of planning before baby is born is that you have a certain peace of mind that you don’t have to be doing the same activities.
Once you’ve reached a stage where you can function properly on 4 hours of sleep then start laying out a Daily Activity Tracker.
My team and I use them all the time especially when we need to jump start some activity back into our business.
So fear not soon-to-be mothers with a business at home!
It’s not as hard as it looks the important thing is to plan.
Once you plan you will be ok.
Business may dip a little but it will NEVER come to staggering halt if you follow these steps.
Have a great day!
Share this blog post with your friends and expecting mothers 🙂 I’m sure they will love it!

I’m Hilary De Freitas
The Marketing Mom
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Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

    2 replies to "How To Build a Business After Just Giving Birth?"

    • Katrina

      Brilliant blog post Hillary! I love how you talk about doubling up on content and scheduling things ahead of time.
      Planning is key and you give great suggestions and advice. Thrilled to share your blog with my fans!

      • Hilary

        Katrina, thanks so much for sharing. I know some folks may think content creation is very hard, but not if you plan.
        Thanks for stopping by, always love your feedback and comments.

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