[Tweet ““Networking forms a vital part of wealth creation” – Armstrong Williams”]
In everything that you do, you will need to learn a few skills and tricks to put you ahead and help yo
u achieve success. This is the case even in your business.
There are tremendous teachers and coaches of network marketing out there. They have helped many people mint millions within an incredibly short period. What tricks do they hide up their sleeves?
I have taken the time to go through some the most complex components of network marketing and have deciphered some of the most powerful secrets to success that you too can apply in your business.
Watch my video on three skills that the network marketing industry teaches us about business. here.
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Creating Connections Is the First Step towards Business Success

[Tweet “The world’s richest individuals search out and build networks”- Robert Kiyosaki”]
Network marketing is all about bringing more people into your business. Success in network marketing is achieved faster if you have many eyeballs on your business. The biggest stores such as Walmart rely on people to do business. Even other professionals and consultants across the world rely on people for them to prosper. If you wish to see your business excel, you too must connect with people.
Connecting with people is the single, most important skill for business. One must, therefore, sharpen his or her skills of attracting people into his or her business.
Here are a few tips that come specifically from the network marketing industry when connecting with people:

  • Know your target; connect only with the right kind of individuals.
  • Make a list of your contacts and connections.
  • Learn what to say to your prospects.
  • Make your invite as appealing as possible.
  • Do not be too pushy during your initial invite: when you are too pushy, you seem desperate thereby scaring and eventually turning off prospects.

Remember; your first invite isn’t the official presentation. It’s  simply meant to let people know that you have an opportunity for them in your business.

Follow-up Creates Long-Lasting Business Relations

[Tweet ““The basis of successful network marketing is relationship selling”- Brian Tracy”]
Follow-up is an important part of network marketing, especially during the prospecting stages. Various schools of thought advocate for different follow-up methods. Some will adopt a technique of 2’s (follow up after 2 days 2 weeks 2 months and so on) while others will choose a technique of 3’s. Nevertheless, when properly executed, follow-up creates a long-lasting business relationship with your prospect.
Here are some few tips during follow-up for my network marketing newbies:

  • Sort Out Your Prospects– You must clearly define why you wish to follow up on a particular prospect. In other words, always sift and sort before you convince. This way you save money and time.
  • Get A Mentor– When you’re new it will do you good to bring an experienced mentor or up-line onboard. He or she will assist you with follow-up. Such people build your conversation rate and eventually turn you into an expert.
  • Embrace Clarity– Your prospects will only buy what you are selling if they clearly understand how it’s going to help them. Most often than not, prospectsembrace opportunities that offer solutions to their problems. Therefore, help the prospect to clearly see their problem and how your business solves that problem.
  • If necessary, always book another follow-up.


Always be closing Should Be Your Motto

[Tweet ““Nothing happens until something is sold by somebody”- Mary Kay Ash”]
The objective of any business is the make a profitable deal. This is why closing is a vital part of any business. If you do not close, you won’t help your business, and the clients to will not reap the benefits of your products.
You may connect with people, follow up on your prospects but if you fail to close your prospects, everything else is all for nothing.
You do not have to pressure someone into buying from or signing up with you. Not only is this unprofessional, but it also is somewhat “amateurish”. When closing, it is best to lead the prospect to make the decision to buy or sign up. In so doing, such individuals will willingly and actively contribute to your business.

  • During closing, you must be positive. The prospect must feel and see the confidence in you. This helps them trust you and assures them that you are there to help them.
  • Third-party validation may also be of great help when closing. Using business tools or people who are successful in your organization builds confidence among your prospects. They’re thus more likely to make a deal with you if you speak to them about someone that they already know and trust. Many times by just a mention that I am the Social Media Manager of Elite Marketing Pro makes people feel more comfortable in doing business with me in that area.

So there are many things that network marketing can teach you in your traditional business and vice versa. Successful businesses always develop a series of steps to guide their operations from the time that they connect with new prospects to the time they make a sale or until someone signs up.
Don’t forget to watch the video above.
And if you’re ready to learn how to attract people to your business or opportunity click below.


Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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