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Having influence is critical in building your network marketing or online business. As a newbie entrepreneur, this may be a worry for you, but what if we told you that you can actually borrow influence? Sounds interesting, right?
Borrowing influence is fairly simple. If you are into network marketing, you can start with using other people’s stories to build your credibility.
This way, you are benefiting from their successes.
Besides, influence really plays a huge part in attracting others to join your company, buy your product, or avail your services.
In fact, we may not realize how influence affects our daily decision-making.
Think about the number of times we were swayed by our friends’ recommendations on restaurants, car companies, school choices for our kids, and more. These are all influence.

How to Borrow Influence for Your Own Success

Any network marketing company can teach us the importance of having influence to successfully leverage our business.
However, since you are just starting your online business, you have little to zero influence to make a lot of people want to join your team. The great news is, you can use other people’s influence to build your business.
There are many ways to borrow influence from others, some of which are:

Follow top influencers from your niche or industry and engage with them.

Social media makes it easy for you to find top influencers in your niche and engage with them. Begin by searching for the most influential personalities in your industry and like or follow their pages.
You can then comment on their posts regularly.
This way, you are putting yourself with influencers and you are likely to benefit from it especially if you desire to take the stage.
By habitually engaging with top leaders, you are also discovering who you are, and it helps a lot in building your business.
So, go comment on their Facebook posts or on their blog posts, or attend their live webinars and ask questions. Make frequent contributions on their platforms.
Just think about being called in a Facebook live or webinar. This not only elevates your status to your followers but also to the leaders’ followers because you are being highlighted, and this is one effective way to borrow influence.
Another way you can borrow influence while establishing your own is by giving out testimonials for top leaders.
You must learn to take advantage of opportunities like this wherein influencers will edify you in front of other members of the conversation and their audience mainly because you are willing to risk yourself and get into conversations that can be uncomfortable.
It is strongly suggested that you participate as much as you can; get in front of the leaders and let them know that you exist. Remember, these influencers are looking for the next leaders and the only way for you to get found is to actually present yourself.

Share information from top influencers.

So, you have successfully introduced yourself to influencers in your niche.
They already know about you and they’ve been highlighting you for quite some time now because of your massive contribution to their social media platforms and live trainings.
Another good thing for you to do is to share information or insights from them through your own social media pages.
When you do this, you are somewhat telling your own audience “Hey, I am learning from this person”, “I know this top leader”, and such.
Of course, some may or may not be interested with the stories you share, and that is okay.
Your main aim is to be a source of information; to provide value; to be a person who applies everything that you are learning.

Do what top influencers do.

Observing how top influencers engage with their followers is also a great way to establish your own influence.
How do they reply to the comments on their Facebook posts or blog posts?
How do they make live calls?
How do they record videos or do Facebook live?
You know, all these things are really part of the process of borrowing influence from global influencers, top leaders of your network marketing company, and your upline.
By understanding how they deal with their audience and applying their strategies in your own business building efforts, you are gradually structuring your credibility, your influence.
For example, you can call out your webinar attendees and thank them individually for being part of it.
You can also tag the people who commented on your Facebook posts individually to spark a conversation or thank them one by one for re-tweeting your tweet.
These simple habits of engaging with your followers like the way influencers do are your very first steps to becoming a future leader yourself.

Build a community within your social media pages

One of the best things I have learned from my personal online marketing business journey is to look at every person who likes our page as valuable.

Through this, you are able to build a public community, a tribe within your social media pages whose insights and interests matter.
By acknowledging them individually as an essential part of your online community,  you start growing your own influence.
You just have to look at every audience you have as an important part of your business.
As you make them feel valuable, you are also increasing your own value from their perspective. Isn’t it a good way to maintain your relationship with them as well?
In a nutshell, borrowing influence is a huge part of building your network marketing business or online business so it is highly recommend that you apply these strategies too.
Did you know that building influence is actually one of the many ways of executing the Attraction Marketing Formula? Start implementing the principles and other attraction marketing principles today.

Let me know what you thought of this post by leaving a comment below. Did it serve you in your business today?
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