A Blogger’s New Year Resolution

blogSo you will think that a blogger’s New Year’s Resolution would be to BLOG?
If I told you WRONG …… what would you say.
Obviously every blogger has a New Year’s Resolution to Blog more!
As a blogger, your business is blogging!
So just blog!
Well that’s not all.
This Blogger’s New Year’s Resolution has a lot more than just blogging.
Now I’m not going to give away ALL my resolutions.
One thing that I remember I did WAY back when I first started blogging I really had no idea what I was doing.
I didn’t have a theme
I didn’t have my own domain
I didn’t have a topic
Eventually what started happening was that I noticed that most of my blogs started to hover over a particularly topic!
So I said to myself, “Ok that’s it!” I’m going to Blog about this topic”
Being the Engineer that I am, I had to compartmentalize.
So I created a New Blog!
That blog spoke about one thing and one thing only!
Then I realized I was running out of content!
I need to read more to be able to share!
That brings me to this’s year

Blogger’s Resolution #1

Read MORE.
Yes bloggers are writers, but in order to write, you need to read.
You need to absorb content in order to share content.
I remember my blogging coach telling me that as a blogger you are an educator!
And Educator!
Well instantly I thought of my engineering professors.
Their offices were always full to overflowing with books and magazines and periodicals!
To me the embodied what an educator is!
So as a blogger this year I have decided that I need to READ a whole lot more.
Last year I only managed to read 5 books – 4 of which I blogged about right here!
So this year I’m getting my reading game face on.
That way I will have a lot to blog about all year long.
Sometimes we forget that when we set a resolution it is actually for the year, not just the month of January!
Which leads me to

Blogger’s Resolution #2

blogger-thinkingBlog everyday for the year!
Yes now I know that one is going to be hard.
But I realized that I talk with my husband everyday about many things.
Including business, which is what this blog is mainly about.
So I thought to myself,

“Self! If you can talk to your husband everyday about business. Why couldn’t you type that same conversation in a blog?”
“That way you’ll have a blog post everyday for a year!”

Self didn’t respond to nicely.
But let’s think about this.
Can you imagine what your blog would look like if you blogged everyday for just one year!
What would 365 posts on your blog do for you?
Just think about that for a minute.
But you know everything leads to something.
I’m an engineer it’s just how I think.

 Blogger’s Resolution #3

social-mediaSocialize and share my blog everyday on social media.
Now I was born in the social media age.
I’m not afraid of Facebook, Google, and the like.
High 5 was a big thing back in the day.
And now we can segment with sites like LinkedIn.
But even if you did focus on blogging everyday for a year.
If you never once posted it to social media then I would say you’re wasting your time.
Who is going to find you if you share.
And I don’t mean just share once.
My blogging coach also reminded me of this.
She said –

you don’t just share you blog post once. Share it 3 times a day!!! On Three different sites!!!
And then next week SHARE IT AGAIN!!!!

It’s the one thing that bloggers need to remember and that I am trying to remember myself!
Share your post.
The way I look at it is like this.
If you wrote a book – what would you do with it?
Purchase your own copy and then leave it on the shelf and hope people will buy?
You’ll get out there and tell everyone about your book!!!
And you’ll even leave breadcrumbs!
So as a blogger my New Year’s Resolutions are

1. Read More

2. Blog everyday (weekends included!)

3. Share my content

I don’t think that is going to be too hard to accomplish!
It would be really exciting to know that you’re still around on December 31st 2015 when I tell you that I DID IT!!!!!!
Have a great day!
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    4 replies to "A Blogger's New Year Resolution"

    • Katrina

      I laugh because that is how I started my year last year. I got my hands on a bunch of books and just started reading and blogging.
      Putting information into your heads leads to better blogging. Because you can take what you learn and share it with others!
      I am absolutely going to be around Dec.31 2015 to see your final blog post of the year! Super proud of you!

    • Catherine

      Love it! Just the thing I wrote on today as well, with a different spin. I didn’t have reading more as one of my goals but that is a great one to add to the list. Thanks for the advice.

    • Jessica

      I love your resolution to read more! I read tons from other bloggers, but it would be great for me to read some fiction, or other books just for fun.
      Good luck with all of your resolutions!

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