Wake Up

What are you wasting your time doing?
Are you wasting away your life?
Are you not using all your God given talents?
As I’m sitting here writing this blog post I’m listening to all the sounds outside.
There’s a person who has been playing music all day.
There’s a pump going on and off next door.
And the sound of the rain on roof is so loud you can hardly hear yourself think.

This week has been amazing.

Despite everything that has gone wrong.
And why?
Because we were told at the beginning of this week that we are a group of people who have been unplugged!


How cool is that.
My video below talks a little bit about that.
But what I mean is that we are daring to do things a little differently.
But not only different.
What it means is that we have become a little more conscience.
Nick Haunber gave the example of how his mother while visiting him was wondering why he didn’t have cable, or a TV.
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I remember asking myself the same question months ago.
I didn’t watch much TV.
I love Big Bang Theory and NCIS.
But other than those two shows I really didn’t watch much television.
Now I’m not saying that TV is evil.
It just doesn’t interest me.
But the point he was making is that if you have found something in life that awakens your soul……
Awakens your spirit…
Don’t let it die.

Keep fueling that awakening.

Whether it be by reading more books
Or writing
Or having long conversations with friends about complicated topics!
When we start using our talents,
Using the brain we were given
Rather than being DRONES!!!!
It is an amazing feeling.

When we DO things Consciously

we have a heighten awareness of what we are doing.
It’s a really powerful thing when your start to live consciously.
I know there are some people who rather go through life just going through the motions,
but I would challenge  those folks,
is that how you want to be remembered?
Or is it that you don’t  care to be remembered?
Or is it that in three to four generations no one living on earth would know who you were so you’re  telling yourself why bother?
Well no one may know you,
but if you choose to live and not just survive,
then you might surprise yourself.
You might actually  leave a legacy behind and not even know it.
So if you haven’t  woken up as yet.
Try it! Try it right now!
It will make a huge difference  in your life and the lives of those around you.

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