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Who is Hilary?


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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Hello there! Hilary is the name – I’m a wife, mother, business owner, writer and trainer!
Sounds like a lot!
Well you can say I’m an over achiever, but then again I’m not.
I’m just a woman who married the man of her dreams who had a passion for business and allowed me to turn my engineering degrees into something much bigger than myself.
I hold two degrees (BS and MS) in Industrial Engineering and an MBA.
I am a process and systems junky – my friends say I probably have a process for pouring a glass of water. (which I do by the way, I’ll share it with you one of these days).
So you’re probably wondering why is an engineer into marketing, online marketing, network marketing etc?
Well that is quite simple. A few years ago I decided that I wanted to become a business owner and create financial stability for myself.
At the time, I was still single (I considered being engaged single) and I was already a partner in my father’s accounting firm but not doing much of anything.
I had been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant since 2001 but I had not really seen the results I was looking for.
I kept going in and out of active status because I really did not know how to grow the business, get leads and turn them into happy customers and team members.
But I loved the company, the values and I use the products everyday!
I was “surfing” Facebook one day and came across a post and contacted my friend about it.
Actually I’d been watching her for quite some time. I knew she was in network marketing but never posted a thing about her company.
So I had to know what her “secret” was.
She put me onto Attraction Marketing Formula and the Elite Marketing Pro system and the rest is history!
Since then I have learned quite a bit about marketing because if you didn’t know, engineers know absolutely nothing about marketing!
I took some business courses in college, but everything I learned with Elite Marketing Pro just propelled me into action mode.
The rock of my life – my husband – and I have been married for three years now and our first child was born July 2013.
I’m here because I am committed to sharing with you the tools, techniques and systems that I have learned as an engineer and showing you how to apply that to a business……
I’m going to show you how to market that business to effectively increase your profits.
As I said before I’m big on processes and anything to help people manage their time better.
Which is why Creating a Daily Mode of Operation is probably one of my favorite posts on this site.
It’s the core of what I do.
Time management is just engineering applied to the real world.
As I said before I have a process for pouring a glass of water!
Processes and operations run in my blood and I believe that you can create a process for anything to make your life easier!
As a student of network marketing I have learned so much that I feel obliged to share with you.
What you will realize from me is that every time I learn something – I will share it with you.
I’ve been struggling at this business since 2001 and within the last year I’ve watched my sales increase, leads turn into customers and I’ve left my full time senior analyst job!
One of the most critical things I learned is the concept of a sales funnel.
If you don’t understand this, then you’re  not approaching your business the right way.
When I began my business I didn’t know a thing about marketing (Remember I was studying to become an Engineer).
But what I have learned during the past year has given me the fuel and the right mindset I needed to get going.
As a first time mother and business woman, this year has been tough.
I made the decision to leave my job in October 2014 in order to focus on these ventures and be able to spend time with my daughter who is growing up too quickly!
We hope to add to our family very soon.
If you’re ready to leave your job like I did and really grow a business online (network marketing or otherwise)
I can show you the  way because I’ve walked the path.
I encourage you to contact this First time #mom #Engineer #Marketer #Beauty Consultant at anytime!
So join me now and let’s grow our businesses together!
Hilary De Freitas


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