mid-year evaluationSix months into the year! Where are you in your business goals.
Interesting point to note – most companies and even governments usually conduct a mid-year review at the half way point of their fiscal year.
For you the entrepreneur that usually comes around the month of July.
It’s always a good time really because the kids are out of school and you evaluating what needs to change to be more successful the second half of the year.
But what are those things that you need to evaluate.
Well here’s a summary of a call that we had with Elite Marketing Pro a few days ago.
One of our Ignition Coaches took this call and he went over the six things you should be evaluating at this time of year in your business.

1. Mindset

We all know that 90% of your business success has everything to do with your mindset.
Ask yourself these questions to really evaluate if you’re on the right path thus far this year.
Has your current mindset served you well?
What can you do to improve your mindset for the second half of the year?
Are you being honest with yourself, when it comes to your thoughts?
How is your mindset making an impact, not only in your business, but in the lives of those around you?
Sometimes we think that mindset is just about positive thinking, but it’s not. It’s about what you believe. You can have positive thoughts from here to eternity but if you don’t believe those thoughts nothing good will come of it.

2. Work Habits 

Sometimes I feel like I’m evaluating my work habits every week.
I’m always trying to improve on the output.
If I believe that this month I got less done because of a new method of work, I change it. So it’s very good if at the middle of your fiscal year you really dig deep and ask yourself about whether your work habits are helping you move forward in your business.
Are you doing the right types of activities everyday?
What has worked and what hasn’t?
What can you learn about the work habits you’ve incorporated from January to June? Progress-comfortzone
What will you do different, starting in July to improve upon your work habits?
Be honest in your evaluation of your work habits, otherwise you will not move closer to your goals and dreams.
Keep in mind that “All progress takes places outside the comfort zone!” ~Michael John Bobak.
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3. Relationships 

Birds of a feather flock together! It’s something I always remember my mother saying growing up. I didn’t have to be a bad child, but if I hung around with bad children, chances are I’d get bad one day too.
That was the lesson she was always trying to teach me. It’s amazing how as we get older we don’t implement these same lessons that our mothers taught us.
If hanging around “bad” children has the potential to turn us “bad” then it stands to reason that hanging around “good” children will make us “good” right?
So when it comes to your business you have to evaluate whether your relationships are helping you move closer to your business goals or not.
Have you surrounded yourself with like-minded people these first 6 months? Earlier this year I realized that I had dropped the ball on this one. I didn’t wait until July to start to fix this.
Who has contributed positively? Who has contributed negatively? You must always know who’s helping you and who’s hurting you.
What new relationships will you form to improve yourself? What type of relationship do you bring to the table? Do you empower or dis-empower others?

4. Knowledge knowledge-n-action-equal-power

Knowledge is Power! (only if applied) . It’s imperative in your business that you don’t remain stagnant. Learning is an important part of ensuring your business success.
Gone are the days when you finished university and you had everything you need to be successful.
If you’re not learning something new every day in your business you will be out of business soon.
So ask yourself ……
What new skill sets did you learn over the last 6 months? Did you implement them?
If so, how did they help you get closer to your goals? If not, why?
What new skill sets will you focus on for the next 6 months? How will you implement them and how will they get you closer to your goal?

5. Game plan/Goals

What is the game plan for the next 6 months?
What are the goals?
How will you track the progress?
What steps will you take to ensure a better 6 months?
Do you have a plan to adjust your game plan when necessary?
How realistic are your goals and do you have a game plan to make them into bit size, workable pieces? Again, be honest with yourself because no one knows you like you do.

Ignition_Coaching6. Mentoring

Most successful people have had mentors along the way. Some people have had mentors that they’ve never even met! Which is great – role models and mentors aren’t always someone that you pay. But then there are those mentors or coaches as we call them, who you do pay for, who are going to guide you to success.
Those are the ones that you should be seeking out every year. This year I personally sought out a mentor and coach who will help me with a very specific part of my life – Motherhood!
Who will be your mentor or mentors during the next 6 months?
Who will you mentor for the next 6 months?
How will you give more value to those around you? What specific areas are you needing help with from a mentor?

Final thoughts: So many times, we forget to evaluate the things that we are doing and as a result, we never complete our goals. We really have to be honest with ourselves and ensure we make changes, where necessary. Its not easy to get to our ultimate destination, but its well worth it. No better phrase than Nike, “Just Do It!!!”
Listen to the full call right here where Ivan Alvarez, Elite Marketing Pro Ignition Coach shares the Six Things to Evaluate in Your Business at the middle of the year. 

Elite Marketing Pro sponsors these calls everyday Monday to Friday at 12 noon ET / 9am PT.
To find out how you can jump on the call leave a message in the comments below.
Have you evaluated yourself and your business around these criteria recently? Let me know how you’re doing in the second half of this year.
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