Six Months to Being a Housewife

A Housewife you say?
Why in Heavens name will anyone woman living in the 21st century want to be a Housewife?
Well this woman does.
I realize that I may be flying in the face of all the women who carved the way for me to be able to get a job other than a secretary.
I realize that I may be flying in the face of all those women who paved the way for me to be able to get higher education.
I realize that I may be even flying in the face of all those who fought for my rights to be considered a human being and be able to VOTE!
But at the same time
I am going to fly in the face of those people and women who DID NOT realize
That in the process of gaining all this “equality”
You forgot about the family
You forgot about the children
You forgot about the fact that without a woman in the home the society becomes what it’s become today.
I applaud the women who have been able to keep family life and a professional career going.
But we’ve all been there at some point.
We’ve all had to make that choice between the meeting with the VICE PRESIDENT and going to watch your daughter play her violin for the first time in a front of a crowd of people and YOUR face in the crowd would have given her some comfort.
We’ve all had the make that choice between a business trip on the same weekend and that Championship Game for your son’s Little League was happening.
We’ve all been there and it has hurt us badly to think that we even have to make that choice.
The professional world makes us women feel like –

If you want equality so much THEN choose

They make you feel like it’s one or the other.
The truth is why are you pursuing a career anyway?
Is it to prove someone wrong?
Is it to pay the bills?
Is it because one income isn’t going to meet all the expenses and the small luxuries you can barely afford right now?
Ask yourself

Why am I pursuing this Career anyway?

I’m sure your answer is clear.
My answer was clear to
I had grown to hate my job
Hate the people at my job
Because I wasn’t getting compensated for all that shit
I was barely getting compensated for my degrees.
And the truth was I got what I asked for.
So I decided it was time to ask for something greater.
I knew I wanted to dedicate my LIFE to my family.
I did NOT want to be the mother that a child looks to and says,

“Mom I want to work with your company – that way I’ll see more of you”

That wasn’t going to be me!
So here’s what I did
I researched and sought out the BEST of the BEST ways to earn income from home.
Now you’re probably thinking but it’s all a scam.
You can’t really make money from home.
Well the truth is there are quite a bit a SCAMS out there but this one wasn’t.
You want to know how I know?
Because I’ve had to work just as hard or even HARDER than I would have at my job.
I had to SHOW up everyday for the last six months.
I had to become a FULL time entrepreneur while working.
It took six months to get myself in a position where I could have said,

“Here’s my pink slip! I QUIT”

You know that saying, “Quitters never Win and Winners Never QUIT”
I had no intention of “winning” at a J.O.B
I was ready to win at something better.
This wife and mother of one
Quit her job in six months.
And I’ve never been prouder of myself (not to toot my own horn or anything)
I will tell you it takes
And not to mention
This is no walk in the park
But the rewards are endless.
Like anything that you work hard at.
If you keep your head down and you focus on your goal – whatever that may be – you will come out at the other a better and happier person.
Here’s to YOU becoming a Stay-at-home Mom too.

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