Andrew Draughon is a FANTASTIC storyteller! How do I know? Because every time I read his blog posts I get sucked right into the story and just read on and on and on.
So I wanted you to be able to experience not only his copywriting skills but some of his AMAZING marketing training.
Andrew is actually the Chief Content Director (basically he writes a lot of stuff) and by extension teaches many of us a thing or two… or three about marketing.
So I asked Andrew to share a  “little bit” about some successful Traffic strategies for online marketing.
Well a “little” turn into quite a bit, but the value is phenomenal. You’ll probably want to implement these right away.
So take it away Andrew……..

Imagine flying in your private helicopter…over a building where you were once the janitor.
Would be quite the change in fortune, no?
Well, that’s precisely what transpired for renowned success coach Anthony Robbins, while traveling from a business meeting in Los Angeles over to Orange County to teach a seminar. As recounted in his classic, Awaken the Giant Within, he glanced down while over Glendale and realized the building he was flying above was one where he’d worked as a janitor just twelve years prior.
He recollected feeling fearful and alone during that time.
Then, as he flew over Irvine, he noticed the off-ramp to the seminar location was backed up for over a mile. He hoped the traffic jam would clear so that people could get to his seminar. Yet as he got closer, he saw what was really happening; the traffic jam was caused by people coming to see him!
He was expecting 2,000 people, but was confronted with a crowd of 7,000.
He went from struggling to make his life work to creating a literal traffic jam of adoring fans!
Not too shabby, aye?
Now, how would YOU like to dramatically change your fortunes?
If you’re feeling frustrated, lacking, overwhelmed, or stuck trying to build your business, you’re not alone.
Yet what many business owners don’t realize…before it’s too late…is that there’s an IMMEDIATE solution to the pressing question of, “How do I solve my cash flow shortfalls, and create results and growth right now?”
The answer is traffic.
Traffic—and lots of it—is the essential ingredient to create an immediate surge of capital, rapid expansion, and sustainable long-term scaling of your business.
In short…
Traffic your #1 priority to start making “bank” today.
For whatever reason, the process of successfully generating traffic seems difficult for far too many business owners.
Today, we’re setting the record straight.
Know that it’s a simple process—in fact, it’s MUCH easier than most people make it.
In fact, if you’ve done the rest of the process right, the traffic part is simple, because you’re going to generate more in sales than you spend for the ads to get the traffic (that’s the real secret to solving cash flow issues and rapidly scaling your business).
Cool, right?

Free vs. Paid Traffic


Let’s talk first about the basics of traffic. There are two types of traffic generation strategies:
Free and paid.
What you must know is that there isNO such thing as free. There is ALWAYS a cost of time and or money.
Consider this carefully: your time isalways going to be more valuable than your money because you can never get it back, so spending the time to make free strategies work is NOT a solid way to start your business, especially when you’re looking for quick results.
And who isn’t, right?
Now, don’t completely ignore “free” strategies, of course.  Just keep in mind that they are long term and slow to gain enough momentum for your business to be sustainable, much less profitable.
Here’s a really important tip:
You should spend the majority of your time and energy on traffic that is scalable.
Scalability means you can create predictable results (profits). Once you’re generating consistent numbers, you can predictably scale up your campaigns with more and more advertising dollars, which creates less work and more profitability, giving you leverage. And you can only do this with paid advertising. This is why…
Real businesses use paid advertising.
Relying on free traffic is the first of the five worst traffic mistakes!
Yes, you should leverage ALL opportunities for exposure by creating and maintaining a Facebook Page, setting up your own blog, regularly posting content, and creating training and branding videos.
In fact, what’s really effective in today’s ecosystem is promoting all of your content with paid traffic! Which leads me to an important distinction…

Strategy vs. Tactics


So, how does this work? Let’s talk at a strategic level first about the objectives you’re trying to reach. We’ll discuss the various tactics you might use in a minute.
Just so you’re clear on the difference between a strategy and a tactic:

  • Strategies are timeless and unchanging.
  • Tactics are the methods you use to execute the strategy, and they change all the time.

In a battle, a strategy would be holding the high ground. Tactics would be using specific tools to get the job done.
In your marketing, examples of strategy would be understanding advertising psychology or how to interpret metrics on a spreadsheet. Tactics would be using Facebook or PPV ads to promote your smartly-crafted ad copy.
Of the two, clearly your strategy has to come first.
Got it? Good.
Okay, so what are the steps to traffic generation?

The 5 Strategic Steps:

  1. Choose your audience
  2. Craft or find a value-infused offer
  3. Get exposure to that offer
  4. Evaluate Results
  5. Optimize & Improve

Let’s talk about these in detail so the whole process makes sense.
You ALWAYS start this process—each and every time—with this fundamental step…

1. Choose Your Audience


Your audience is the people you’re looking to address with your offer. Most novice marketers struggle mightly with defining their audience, so we’ll break it down for the online networking niche. Here are three possible audiences that you might be interested in:

  1. Those in a business opportunity
  2. Those looking for a business opportunity
  3. Those offering something other than a business opportunity

People in a business opportunity would mostly be network marketers or direct sellers. They would be interested in ways to attract more leads, position themselves as authorities, and make more sales.
People looking for a business opportunity tend to be a fickle bunch. They often jump from “deal” to “deal,” and may be in several at the same time. They are looking for a solution to their problems.
The third group is looking to promote something that doesn’t have a business opportunity attached to it, which is usually their existing business, whether online or offline, brick and mortar or service-based. This group most likely wants to make more sales or increase their lead flow. Don’t we all, right?
You would choose ONE (and only one!) of these audiences.
If you’re not sure which group to pick, which group are you in? You may have more than one motivation, but which one is your primary one? Getting clear on this group is vital, because it determines what you offer and how and where you offer it.
Now it’s time to…

2. Craft or Find a Value-Infused Offer


If you’re already at the point of creating your own offer, that’s fantastic. Congrats! Check out this blog post on the six psychological power triggers that are the REAL reason people say, “yes!” for specific help in crafting a pitch that converts.
But if you’re new, don’t fret about not having your own offer yet. The easiest way to start out as you’re generating traffic is to use an offer you already know to be a compelling offer that is already selling well. That way you know that when you get your traffic generation dialed-in on the front end, the sales will definitely come on the back end.
You already know that Elite Marketing Pro has many existing products that convert extremely well, so just pick one that is the best match for the audience you chose in Step 1.
For instance, if you’re going to market to people in a business opportunity, your audience is most likely looking to generate leads online. The best offer for that particular need would be Attraction Marketing Formula.
If you are going to market to people looking for a business opportunity as they hop from one company to the next (as far too many people are want to do), these prospects will be most responsive to a “make money” online offer. This makes the Elite Marketing Pro most appropriate for their “problem” from a positioning perspective, with the added bonus of providing a much-needed mindset shift.
Finally, if you are going to market to people promoting their existing non-MLM business, the best match would be a tactical marketing course, and there are several within Elite Marketing Pro.
Now you can…

3. Get Exposure to That Offer


This where we switch from strategies to a tactic. You’ll focus on one traffic generation tactic that’s currently effective to execute your overall strategy. So ask yourself: which one traffic tactic appeals to you the most? You don’t need to use them all, you just need to get good at ONE first.
(Yes, I’ve said ONE four times now. Take the hint. Focus. On. ONE. Tactic.)
For example…
Kate McShea focuses on paid Facebook video marketing.
Michelle Pescosolido focuses on Facebook PPC.
Rebecca Bardess focuses on getting “freaky” and “geeky” with social media.
Ray Higdon exclusively focuses on content marketing using his blog, truly becoming a content creation machine.
Bob Clarke is so focused, he’s building his business in an hour a day.
Danielle Ellis focuses on her editing skills.
Misha Wilson focuses on solo ads.
Tyson Zahner focuses on YouTube.
You picking up what I’m putting down?
Now let’s talk numbers…
You need to go into your advertising with an effective strategy in place, knowing what metrics you’re endeavoring to create. For instance, if you wanted to get 5 sales a day, and you’re converting 10% of your leads, you know you’re looking to generate 50 leads a day.
If each of those leads costs $1, you’ll spend $50 per day in advertising.
If your front-end offer is $47, and you know that roughly 10% of the leads will buy, your five daily sales will total $235.00 for your $50 in ad costs.
You should have a back-end offer that will generate even more sales and profit from your original $50 in ads, but that’s how you get exposure to your offer.
With me?
This is important, because once you know your numbers you can…

4. Evaluate Results


Each day that you have ad campaigns running (which should be every day!), you need to evaluate how they are performing.
If you are getting leads but you’re spending $15 each, you need to tweak something. If you’re getting leads but no sales, you need to tweak something. If you’re getting no leads at all, you clearly have the wrong target audience and/or the wrong message to market match, and you need to tweak something.
The key thing to remember here is that you’re buying data with that advertising money. That’s gold. You’re learning what works and what doesn’t, and that knowledge is invaluable.
For example, if you’re advertising on Facebook, and your target demographic is women ages 35-50 who like Success Magazine, how are they responding to your ads? Which ad is getting a better response rate in your split test?
You won’t know until you test.
If you’re advertising on YouTube, pay close attention to the analytics. How long are people watching your video? Is there a certain point they drop off? Are you losing people at the beginning, before they even get into your content?
Those are all ways that you can evaluate the results of your ads so that you can take the next step to…

5. Optimize and Improve


Here’s where you make changes, refine, and iterate your advertising efforts. Make small adjustments in the audience, targeting, or capture page—but only change one thing at a time so you can analyze the effect of said change.
For example, if you’ve got your Facebook ads running to women aged 35-50 who likeSuccess, what happens when you change out the picture or the copy? Does the response rate go up or down? What happens when you add a call to action button? What kind of change do you see in your response rate, either up or down?
On YouTube, what happens when you split test your intros and add call out boxes and annotations? Do people watch longer? Do you get more opt-ins? What happens when you increase your tempo or use a cheeky pattern interrupt? Do you get more likes or opt-ins?
All of these processes are refining your offer to improve its resonance with your target audience. As you iterate this process, you’ll get more and more effective at finding and connecting with your audience, which means your cost per lead will come down and your sales will go up.
Again, this create scalable leverage. It’s all a part of the process to ultimately…

Build a Better Mouse Trap


If you’re serious about generating a boatload of traffic for your business, then you’ll need to learn the ins-and-outs of laser-targeting your message to your prospects’ precise pain points, problems, and frustrations.
In short…
You need to know WHO your prospects really are…
…and what they really WANT.
Knowing the answers to these two questions will provide you with the essential foundation (Step 1) of the strategy we’ve discussed here in detail.
Think of it like this:
If you use the right cheese in your mouse trap…well, quite simply…the mice will come.
People are the same way.
If you give them the right “cheese,” they will investigate and bite.
Here’s the thing…
Most new marketers make the mistake of desperately repelling their prospects by spamming anyone and everyone able to fog a mirror with their “newest greatest thing!”
This is backwards.
The mousetrap doesn’t hunt the mouse.
Mice are attracted to the mousetrap.
Hence, if you’re marketing properly, you’ll NEVER have to buy, beg, or bug your prospects.
And you’ll not only generate higher quality leads, who are predisposed to buy from you…but they’ll pay for YOUR advertising costs.
It’s just like the words attributed to, although not actually said by Ralph Waldo Emerson (…yet still awesome anyway):

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”

It’s true! And it just so happens that…
10MTMBannerTim ErwayCEO of Elite Marketing Pro and our “head cheese honcho”—discovered how to create the perfect mousetrap that immediately converts visitors into sales…without ever having to be all “salesy.”
Over the past decade, Tim’s generated over 1.4 million leads online—producing multi-8 figures in sales—and, for the very first time, he’s revealing the inside scoop on how you can quickly generate 100s and even 1,000s of red-hot leads in his brand new, 100% FREE traffic workshop.
You’ll discover…

  • 5 pillars of traffic generation you absolutely must have in place or watch your campaigns suffer and bleed cash…with little to no sales.
  • A 120-year old advertising secret which has become the single best list-building strategy you can use right now.
  • How to get started on a tiny $10, “shoestring” budget and scale to massive profits.

In fact…
You’ll even see a case study of how to turn a mere 10 bucks into a whopping $141,246.30.
Yep, that’s entirely possible.
Register for this exclusive presentation on the future of online marketing right here.
To your success,
Andrew Draughon
Director of Content
Elite Marketing Pro

As I said…. Andrew always brings the goods.
So let me know what you thought of these strategies in the comments below. And do share with your friends and colleagues if this has been helpful to you.

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