When I attended No Excuses Summit 6 I had the privilege of meeting the gentleman on this recording.
I had “met” him several times on various online calls and since then have worked closely with him on a few projects.
One of the things that I always admired about Dr. Bob Clarke is that fact that he’s a full time doctor running an online business.
He’s a model for all business owners, because most of us start this business while we are holding down a full-time job.
Even as a “stay-at-home-mom” I work my business part-time because being a wife and mother is in fact a full-time job.
So naturally when I first got started a gravitated to his teachings and his methods, which have proved extremely successful.
So today I want to share with you this call he did some time ago where he laid out the basic 5 step success plan to making 6 Figures online.

To do a quick summary for you


Dr. Bob Clarke introduced the call by laying some ground rules for those now starting off in any system or maybe network marketing company. He wanted to let everyone understand that no-one ever “joins” at the same level.
You ever wonder why someone we seems brand new just reaches to the top in a few months while you’re still struggling?
It’s probably because of something they were doing before. All you see is them coming in “new”. So Bob helps clear the air of all those thoughts and assumptions.

Step 1 of the Success Plan

Step 1. begins around minute 6:00 where he talks about you being the Person you’d want to do business with.
Sometimes we’re so caught up trying to make money that we forget that making money requires an interaction with other human beings.
He said something that was very powerful!
[Tweet “”How you show up in your life is how you will show up in your business””]

Step 2 of the Success Plan

Creating FREE content and building your list.5stepsto6figures
You can grab all the details starting from minute 8:11.
But one key take away from this step is that, Until you start solving problems you’re not in business.
[Tweet “Until you start Solving Problems you’re not in Business.”]
Solving problems naturally requires that you have a skill set. Skills are what people trade money for.

Step 3 of the Success Plan

This is probably the one step that many if not most people fail to follow and that is
Connecting with your leads.
The one question that Bob says changed the direction of his entire business is at minute 11:55 (or thereabout)

Step 4 of the Success Plan

It may seem strange but this step is all about creating MASSIVE results.
Now when we say Massive we don’t mean hitting 6 figures. We mean one result at a time.
So maybe it’s making your first $50 online or maybe it’s getting your first 20 leads from an ad.
Results motivate us to repeat and rinse steps 1, 2 and 3.

Step 5 of the Success Plan

Finding Exposure Agents. Basically you’re looking for people to promote you!
Bob talks more about this on the call, but really this is where you start thinking about joint ventures and partnerships with other successful people.
This is where you start leveraging the success of others.
The reality however is that these steps are not a straight line, you have to repeat them over and over and over again.
Ensure this call and leave a comment below to let me know what you thought.
To learn more about Elite Marketing Pro and all the benefits that are available to affiliates as Dr. Bob Clarke was speaking about in the beginning of the call follow this link.

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