4 Reasons Trinidadians Aren’t Successful at Network Marketing

Courtesy g-codemagazine.com
Courtesy g-codemagazine.com

You’re probably wondering why I’m targeting Trinidadians.
Well I live in Trinidad.
I was born and raised there.
I spent quite a number of years in the US where I joined my own network marketing company.
Because of my experiences in both countries I can see why it is that Trinidadians today struggle so much in network marketing.
After becoming a full time online marketer I was going through some training and realized that there are some fundamental things that network marketing companies rely on for their recruits to see some level of success in the early stages of their new business.
Knowing these triggers and also knowing the social make up of Trinidad today I realized why it is that many Trinidadians (not all) struggle with network marketing.
I don’t know who said it, but in network marketing your immediate success or failure is strongly related to your past life! You’ll see what I mean in the next few lines.
Network Marketing companies in a sense rely on the fact that your “warm” market are really people you who know you, like you and trust you.
Now in Trinidad everyone knows everyone. Or at least they think they know you.
Many people know OF someone else.
So if you joined a network marketing company the entire Trinidad and Tobago will know you joined.
But here’s the problem – most Trinidadians lack

1. Authority

2. Trust

3. Reciprocity

4. Social Proof



Courtesy dreamlandinteractive.com
Courtesy dreamlandinteractive.com

Your network marketing company is depending on your having a few things in your PERSONAL life in order to see some success within the first month of your MLM opportunity.
Because your warm market is suppose to be your friends and family; people who know you, like you and trust you.
But as most Trinis will know this isn’t always the case.
And this may not necessarily have anything to do with you being a Trinidadian, but more what you’ve done in your life to date.
For most people you will have the above with your friends and family.
But Trinidadians, if you really sit and examine these many of us don’t even have the trust we would like in our OWN FAMILIES!!!!

Let’s not even talk about Authority.

 Because everyone in Trinidad thinks that they have a PhD and they know everything about everything, what that does is actually reduce the value of “authority” they think they have.
If every time you speak to someone and they seem to know everything about everything and then when you go and do your own research you find that they were talking crap!
Well for my international audience if you can multiply this 1.3 Million times (population of Trinidad and Tobago) you’ll get a pretty good idea of why there is little “Authority” in Trinidad even though nearly everyone you meet is an expert on something! 


This is really touchy subject for many Trinidadians because this is where most of us have been “burned”.
I purchase your product because of who you are and not because of the product, and then that person doesn’t purchase anything.
And again this happens with people who are suppose to be close to you – family and friends – so you can only imagine how this will not be as effective in our culture.
When I was in the US I know that many people and many of my own sales for my MLM came from this concept with people I knew.
I bought their product and they bought mine. Such a concept doesn’t necessarily apply in Trinidad.

Social Proof

And then there is Social Proof. Now I’m not saying that we don’t have a lot of people in Trinidad who have social proof, but Social Proof is closely related to trust. And I believe that social proof doesn’t exists because people are just skeptical about ANY opportunity.
So you’re probably wondering how do you overcome these challenges if you’re a Trinidadian in network marketing.
Well first you HAVE TO, MUST ……
In my upcoming blogs I will share with you the three steps that will help you become successful in your network marketing company regardless of the cultural challenges that your country posses to this industry.

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